ASUS ZenBeam E1 Pocket LED Projector : Complete Review

Mini projectors have become the talk of the town these days! Many brands have entered into the racing competition to make the best compact projectors for audiences.

Let us review the ASUS ZenBeam E1 Projector this time! It comes with speakers, offer five hours of video playback time, a built-in battery, auto keystone correction, award-winning design and two years of warranty service. Portable projectors seem to become the preferred pick among people who travel a lot for business purposes.

In addition, the Zen Beam E1 lets you conveniently use it wherever, whenever for entertainment, business, education or personal purposes. The rechargeable battery manages to last up to five hours.

On the other hand, the HDMI/MHL connectivity, balanced and optimized display, Auto Keystone Correction and the injection of DLP IntelliBright technology make it a perfect mini projector model so far.

Overview of ASUS ZenBeam E1 Projector

Giving you a comprehensive overview, this reviewed pocket LED projector shows 150 lumens, five hours of projection and is encased with the 6000mAh Battery. The catchy part is that the 150-lumen rating remains accompanied by WVGA resolution, and it means that you will get bright and high-definition pictures every time. This lumen rating and resolution range also automatically accepts HD 1080p sources.

The projection ranges and easily extends up to 120 inches. It is guaranteed that images will not get blurred, fuzzy or distorted. You can stream content by connecting the EI mini projector with your mobile device or media streamer. You can even link it with the gaming console through HDMI/MHL. No difficulty will be there while setting it up because the installation process looks quick to complete.

This reviewed model comes with prompt on/off capabilities, and it features auto keystone correction as well as a premium quality ASUS Sonic-Master speaker. So do you feel like buying a projector capable of converting and transitioning the 1080p/4K input to WVGA? If yes, the E1 model seems the most recommended pick. It promises to give an optimized display and is designed based on DLP IntelliBright technology.

The 120-inch projections, professional-grade audio and the successful integration of Sonic Master audio technology make it a full-proof entertaining house. It looks so sleek and mini that you will feel as if you are holding an old-fashioned Walkman. The time has come to carry home cinema and the world of entertainment in your hands.

Key Specifications

BrandAsusBrightness150 Lumens
ModelZenBeam E1Playtime5 hours of projection
DisplayOptimizedBattery6000mAh Battery
Set upInstant and hassle-freeUSPAuto keystone correction

Features of ASUS ZenBeam E1 Projector

The reviewed E1 projector is the true depiction of true-to-life entertainment! It effortlessly delivers 120-inch projections. Below you can learn more about it:


Yes, the ASUS E1 projector is palm-sized. You get 120-inch projections, and it even escorts HDMI/MHL input settings to make this projector connected with any device, including PCs, phones and media streamers.

Built-in and rechargeable 6000mAh battery

The ZenBeam E1 comes with a 6000mAh battery. It runs on rechargeable mode and offers five hours of video playback time.

Award-winning Zen-inspired design

The E1 primary reason for catching immense popularity is its award-winning Zen-inspired design. It looks so stylish and weighs 307grams which makes it incredibly lightweight. Moreover, the dimensions are ultra-compact and travel-friendly. The metal finish and aesthetic vibe made this projector win the Red Dot Design Award.

150 lumens and DLP IntelliBright technology

Students and professionals have made E1 one of their favorite projectors because it shows a 150 lumens rating and successfully displays bright picture quality.

Besides, the presence of DLP IntelliBright technology makes the images clearer and distorted-free. The Eco-LED based light source guarantees to give 30,000-hours of lifespan. Thus, all these features efficiently and significantly augment brightness and lower power consumption.

Accepts HD 1080p content

Asus E1 accepts HD 1080p content and automatically scales and transforms the content to 854 x 480 resolutions. It makes sure that the image quality and overall visual clarity remain preserved.

HDMI/MHL ports

Because of the HDMI/MHL port, you can make the E1 projector get connected to all kinds of mobile devices, game consoles, and compute sticks. It smoothly makes a connection with media streamers and MHL-enabled mobile devices.

Fast setup

None of the customers have complained about the setup process. In fact, the setup process is quick and simple. You only have to connect the respective source and turn on the E1 projector. In addition, adjust the focus with the help of the focus ring and extend the projection up to 120-inches when positioned 3.7m from any surface.

Auto keystone correction

The E1 projector can automatically eradicate trapezoidal images through the Auto keystone correction feature. Note that such images generally result from an angled projection.


Instant set up

Optimized display

Auto Keystone Correction


A bit expensive


Are Pocket projectors good?

Yes, pocket projectors can perform in a way likewise a commercial scale projector does! Though they are small and sleek, but project images in a detailed, clear and high-definition manner. In addition, pocket projectors remain far brighter than investing in pico projectors. They offer 100 to 300 lumens rating, and a pico projector is capable of only exhibiting 50 lumens.

How to clean the dust and dirt out of a projector lens?

A lens cleaning solution is used to remove the dust from the projector lens and make it spot-free. Take a lens brush and rub the solution gently and circularly onto the projector lens.

Are 7000 lumens ratings good for a projector?

Yes, a 7000 lumens rating seems good enough for a projector. However, you must avoid such a lumen rating if using a projector for home or gaming purposes. It is a bit too much for home theatre or small spaces. On the other hand, 7000 lumens rating projectors work exceptionally well outdoors even if the sun is out and ambient light is there.


Now, you can decide whether to order the ASUS ZenBeam E1 Projector or not? If you have made up your mind, please let us know your final decision too! Overall, it is a handy projector because of its mini and compact design. You can have it everywhere because it is lightweight and easy to carry. Rest, 150 lumens, five hours of playback time and auto keystone correction makes it a powerful projector. Stay connected.