Auking mini projector review 2022

Do you want to switch using big-size projectors to mini versions? If yes, how about grabbing the Auking mini projector? You can do that! It is a versatile device that is portable, carries an upgraded design, and the lamp life extends up to 55000 hours duration.

No doubt, it is a great multimedia projector that you can connect with laptops and smartphones and exhibits 100% compatibility with 1080p resolution. It accompanies decent and high-quality speakers and promises good picture quality whether you watch a movie or present a slide.

Overview of Auking mini projector

Auking makes exceptional quality mini projectors, and among them, we have picked this model. It upgrades your home theatre experience, which is its USP. Most importantly, it is equipped and technically escorted with a 2000:1 contrast. You will get 1080p resolution, and it delivers 55,000 hours of lamp life duration.

The brightness level is improved up to 35%, and this one is an easy to carry and travel-friendly projector you can consider buying. Due to the 2022 upgraded tech advancements, the brightness feature has become better and so improved. In addition, color accuracy and pixels quality will give a lot of freedom to the user to either keep it in the dark or bright room.

As mentioned, the lamp life runs up to 55000 hours, which means you can use them conveniently for approximately five to six hours a day. Moreover, the display size is adjustable from 32 inches to 170 inches. Using the keystone correction feature, you can even transition the image to become a rectangle. And improve the focus by adjusting the focus wheel.

Key Specifications

BrandAukingLight sourceLED
DisplayLCDContrast ratio2000:1
Lamp life55000 hoursResolution1080p
DesignEasy to carryUSP+35% brightness

Features of Auking mini projector

Big screen, built-in speakers, low noise, and long lamp life- this is what the Auking mini projector promises to offer.

1080p resolution and 2000:1 contrast

This product accompanies a 1080p resolution and 2000: 1 contrast. You will get a superior experience whether you utilize it for movie watching, photo sharing, or other presentation purposes. In addition, the latest technology has made it achievable to make the images utmost brighter, and the clarity scale has been improved by 35%.

Big projection and built-in Hi-Fi speakers

Undoubtedly, Auking mini projectors offer big projections, and this model fulfills this benchmark too. You can enlarge the image size up to 170 inches or make it as little as up to 32 inches. The more you enlarge the image, its quality will not deteriorate, and in fact, pixels improve the colors and brightness. Besides, the built-in speakers keep the audio quality clear and loud. You can connect the external speakers and woofers to make the sound zone more up to the mark.

Noise-free operations and long lamp life

You will hear no noise when you turn on the Auking mini projector. Quite operations are assured from the brand side, and the lamp functions up to 55000 hours duration which is impressive. It can be well assumed that the lifespan lies between 15 to 20 years of these lamps. In addition, the lamp does not get heat up unnecessarily and keeps the device cool.

Plug and Play

No trouble is there while turning on and operating the Auking mini projector! Plug and play setting mode are there. You can connect it with the TV Stick, DVD, PS3, or laptop via HDMI input. For example, if you want to connect it with a PC, use the VGA jack. However, connecting with a TV/ video device, use the AV input.

Multiple Devices Connection

Do you know that you can connect multiple devices with it? Yes, it is true! It is a great and exceptionally fit model for playing videos and photos sharing. You can quickly and without any problem link it with laptops and smartphones. Remember that you have to buy an extra HDMI adapter while linking the projector with the phone.

Thus, you can now set up your own movie theatre outside or inside your home. Get the Auking mini projector and enjoy having endless movie nights. It has everything and almost all desired features that a mini projector must-have. Moreover, it works well during the night and day, and its pricing definitely and perfectly matches its features and performance.

You can forward your thoughts on Auking; it is a big brand, and almost all its products, be it they are used for video or audio presentation, works the finest of all.


Built-in Speakers

Long Lamp Life

Multiple Devices Connection


The customer service does not look fast.


Why does Netflix not get played on the mini projector?

If you are not using a smart or Wi-Fi-based projector, it will fail to play Netflix. So, pick a projector that shows Wi-Fi capabilities; in this way, you can access Netflix with ease.

How to connect Auking mini projector to the iPhone?

You can connect Auking mini projector to your iPhone. In this case, you should make a wired connection. The first step is to turn on the projector and plug the adapter into the iPhone. Get the HDMI cable; insert one end into the adapter and the other end into the projector. Turn on the iPhone, and voila, the connection is made.

What to use instead of a projector screen?

You can use a blank wall, white sheet, wrapping paper, blackout cloth, picture backdrop, or projector screen paint as an alternative to the projector screen.


That is the end of the discussion about the Auking mini projector! If some other latest models get introduced by Auking, we will also review them for you. Above and beyond, it is better to use mini projectors now because they are more travel-friendly and easy to carry. Stay connected.