8 Best Projector for Projection Mapping

Best Projector for Projection Mapping

Best Projector for Projection Mapping

In this article, we’re going to test the Best Projector For Projection Mapping to be had withinside the marketplace and different elements you want to don’t forget to pick out the exceptional one.

Projection mapping is a current artwork shape that lets you show gadgets now no longer simply in 2D displays but in 3D. And Undoubtedly, a projector with a crystal clean show is the soul of projection mapping

Finding an exceptional video projector for projection mapping may be problematic due to the fact there are a lot of various factors to don’t forget. There also are masses of projectors to be had in online shops making it tough to discover one which fits your desires at a rate you may afford.

We provided a list of the Best Projectors for Projection Mapping in our article. Let’s get going!

How To Choose The Best Projector For Projection-Mapping

You want to have a take a observe extraordinary factors earlier than creating a very last selection on projectors. Buying it for projection mapping does now no longer appear clean because it sounds. They are costly, and also you dont need to waste your valuable time experimenting with excessive-give-up projectors. Right! Lets examine the maximum critical standards you ought to understand!


The finances have usually been crucial with shopping for projectors. High-give-up projectors don`t want to offer exceptional results. You want to discover cleverly among the reasonably-priced or highly-priced range. Choose accurately after going via the specifications.

Contrast Ratio

The evaluation ratio defines the distinction between the black and white scenes. Higher evaluation initiatives crisp pictures with sharp tiers to fast understand scenes with satisfactory details. It will assist in higher clarity of the textual content and scenes.


It is the maximum critical aspect whilst thinking about projection mapping. 3d Projection mapping calls for an expert guide or expert. The lifespan of the lamp used withinside the projectors comes to a decision on how a whole lot time the projector will serve for presenting correct picture quality.

As time passes, the lamp`s lifespan receives reduced, and also you want to update the projector lamp with the brand new one to get the precise image quality. The better the lifespan, the longer it’ll take to update the projector bulb.


When your projector is on a large display, the mild coming from the projector ought to be vivid or robust sufficient to shape a clear picture. Otherwise, blurry pictures create confusion. Try to look at the lumen`s capacity, which ought to be excessive for large projection for distortion-unfastened projection mapping.

Screen Resolution

Screen decision is without delay proportional to the image clarity. The greater the decision pixels, the greater might be the image quality. It will assist in forming a clear picture of the large 3d floor. We advise selecting in step with your finances.

Throw Distance

Throw Distance is described as the space between the display and the projector. It performs a crucial position in acquiring the right 3d videos. You ought to understand how the distance your projector will take to shape entire pictures so you can locate the display or the 3d floor in step with the throw distance. The low throw distance is higher.

Reviews & Guide Of Best Projector For Projection Mapping

BenQ HT3550 4K

Our Top Pick


• 4K UHD decision
• 30,000:1 evaluation ratio
• 2000 lumens of brightness
• 15000 hours of lamp lifestyles

Our first pick, the BenQ HT3550, is one of the pleasant projector for projection mapping withinside the market. It comes with a few superb specifications for an low-cost charge.
It has a excessive evaluation ratio and brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens, making it appropriate for projecting onto maximum surfaces.
It additionally presents a 4K UHD decision, so that you can get first-rate photo high-satisfactory while the usage of this projector to map out photos or animations on nearly any floor.
Also, it comes with a 10-detail lens array and a hybrid iris to offer excessive-definition viewing even in darkish rooms.This projector additionally has its inner speakers, which may be quite treasured for a few displays and applications.
A crucial aspect to notice is that the HT3550 has a huge variety of entering ports. Meaning you could use it with computers, consoles, or different gadgets while not having a further converter or adapter. Another first-rate characteristic approximately this projector is its lamp lifestyle which lasts for 15000 hours earlier than wanting to replace.
A lengthy-lasting bulb will assist you to hold the usage of your projector for decades as opposed to having to update it each few months like a few fashions available in the marketplace nowadays.
The BenQ HT3550 comes on the maximum affordable charges out of all our alternatives here. It presents true price if you`re searching out some thing low-cost but dependable sufficient to fulfill maximum mapping assignment needs.


• Display Technology: DLP
• Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
• Contrast ratio: 30,000:1
• Brightness: 2000 ANSI lumens
• Lamp lifestyles: 15000 hours


  • Come with 4K decision
  • Delivers clean and crispy information
  • Not double HD or 2k like different gadgets
  • Affordable charge
  • Long-lasting lamp
  • Easy to setup


  • No wi-fi connectivity

ViewSonic PX700HD 1080p

Runner Up Features
Full HD 1080p decision
• 12,000:1 evaluation ratio
• 3500 lumens of brightness
• 15000 hours of lamp lifestyles

The ViewSonic PX700HD is any other nice preference for mapping projection. It has a number of the maximum superior generation in its charge variety, which offers it first-rate price for money.
It comes with Full HD 1080p decision and a 12000:1 evaluation ratio, so that you can get clean photos on surfaces which can be darker than your projected photo, making it one of the pleasant projector for projection mapping around.
This tool additionally provides 3500 lumens of brightness, making it appropriate to apply below shiny lighting because it doesnt want plenty mild to assignment an attention grabbing show onto surfaces. Another gain of this version is that in contrast to many different gadgets at comparable charges, the PX700HD has each HDMI and USB ports, that means you dont ought to buy extra adapters to apply it together along with your favored gadgets.


• Display Technology: DLP
• Resolution: Full HD 1080p
• Contrast ratio: 12,000:1
• Brightness: 3500 ANSI lumens
• Lamp lifestyles: 15000 hours


  • Incredibly lengthy 15000 hours of lamp lifestyles
  • Has energy-saving generation
  • Full HD show
  • Delivers clean photos right now
  • Flexible connectivity


  • Can`t alter the 3-d intensity and presence
  • three.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p

Third Pick Features

• Full HD 1080p decision
• 15,000:1 evaluation ratio
• 3100 lumens of brightness
• ten thousand hours of lamp lifestyles

The Epson Home Cinema is any other low-cost mapping projector that includes a few superb specifications.
This tool has a excessive evaluation of 15000:1 and provides Full HD 1080p resolutions for specific crystal information on surfaces, even if the floor isnt absolutely flat or clean. It additionally presents 3100 lumens of brightness, making it appropriate to apply in shiny rooms while not having your projected photo wash out too quickly. Like a number of our different alternatives here, this projector additionally comes with an HDMI port, so that you can join your favored gadgets with out buying extra adapters.

Another gain this version has over different gadgets available in the marketplace nowadays is its lengthy lamp lifestyles, lasting for ten thousand hours earlier than wanting replacement. The Epson logo is famous for its dependable products so you can anticipate many years really well worth of carrier from this mapping projector if making a decision to buy one.


• Display Technology: 3LCD
• Resolution: Full HD 1080p
• Contrast ratio: 15,000:1
• Brightness: 3100 ANSI lumens
• Lamp lifestyles: ten thousand hours


  • Two years of product safety
  • Ideal for a number of lights situations
  • Easy to apply
  • Delivers larger-than-lifestyles Full HD mappings
  • Versatile connectivity


  • Lamp lifestyles should`ve been higher

BenQ HT8050 4K UHD


• 4K UHD decision with True
• 50,000:1 evaluation ratio
• 2200 lumens of brightness
• 6000 hours of lamp lifestyles

One of the pleasant projectors for mapping projection, even though it does come at a better charge. Its perfect for the ones seeking to create lovely and impactful projections with crisp information on surfaces darker than your projected photo or complicated textures. The BenQ HT8050 comes with superb specifications that make certain you get clean photos on surfaces, so that they appearance as true as what’s at the display inside your projector. It has a 50,000: evaluation ratio, which guarantees no mild spills from shiny spots onto darkish areas with out loss in sharpness or element of colors.

Also, it presents 2200 lumens brightness output permitting you to paintings below fluorescent lights situations while not having your projected photos washed out through the mild. In addition, this projector provides True 4K UHD pixel decision with an powerful 16:09 issue ratio so that you can get the maximum from your mapping projections. Its well matched with 1080p signals. It has a quick reaction time and occasional enter lag, making it appropriate for gaming and operating on different multimedia tasks inside this tool.


• Display Technology: DLP
• Resolution: 4K UHD with True 8.three million Pixel element
• Contrast ratio: 50,000:1
• Brightness: 2200 ANSI lumens
• Lamp lifestyles: 6000 hours


  • Its 8.three million awesome pixels supply breathtaking photos
  • Features a lovely 50,000:1 evaluation ratio for crisp, described information
  • Provides cinema-degree high-satisfactory


  • Expensive

ViewSonic PG800HD 1080p

• Full HD 1080p decision
• 50,000:1 evaluation ratio
• 5000 lumens of brightness
• 2500 hours of lamp lifestyles

This projector is available in at an affordable charge factor at the same time as turning in an excellent evaluation ratio and brightness degree.It presents 5000 lumens brightness output, permitting you to paintings below fluorescent lights situations with out washing your projected photos through the mild.
Also, it functions Full HD 1080p decision so that you can get clean, particular projections on surfaces with complicated textures.
In short, this projector is ideal for the ones seeking to create lovely and impactful projections with crisp information.


• Resolution: 1080p
• Contrast ratio: 50,000:1
• Brightness: 5000 ANSI lumens
• Lamp lifestyles: 2500 hours


  • Versatile projector
  • Bright
  • Easy to setup


  • Low lamp lifestyles
  • The decision should have a mild development


• WXGA decision
• 13,000:1 evaluation ratio
• 3200 lumens of brightness
• ten thousand hours of lamp lifestyles

The BenQ MW612 gives advanced imaging enjoyment for the ones seeking to create lovely and impactful projections with crisp information.It presents 3200 lumens brightness output, permitting you to paint below fluorescent lights situations without washing your projected photos through the mild.


• Display Technology: DLP
• Resolution: WXGA
• Contrast ratio: 13,000:1
• Brightness: 3200 ANSI lumens
• Lamp lifestyles: ten thousand hours


  • Affordable
  • Works first-rate in shiny rooms
  • Compact and light-weight


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector

Key Features
• Works at the manner of High Dynamic era.
• Detailed 1080p photographs with incredible image quality.
• Compatible with 4K output with 1080 input.
• A sharp assessment ratio of 50,000:1 offers extra readability to deep scenes.
• High brightness tiers of 4,000 lumens.
• The lifespan of the lamp existence found in it’s miles 15,000 hours.
• Low reaction time of 16ms.
• Connect to media gamers and gaming consoles.
• Gaming show mode.

Suppose you’re seeking out a extraordinary projector for expert projection mapping and acquiring extra widespread results. In that case, Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector with the contemporary HDR era well suited with 4K output is handy over many different 4K output supports. You will see a huge variety of shadeation schemes with deeper black and brighter whites.
It is correctly rapid with the reaction time with out lagging in giving favored output, because of this that superior gaming mode. Three thousand 600 lumens brightness is right sufficient to goal small homes and homes for mapping. A brilliant projector, ambient mild has throw ratios projection quality. It is a transportable projector and offers a viewing revel in appropriate on a coloured floor.
One hundred fifty inches of image top whilst deciding on the floor or display for the entire image. The zoom feature of 1.1, and handiest vertical keystone correction are available. High-described photographs with brilliant and crisp textures hold you hooked with the Optoma HD28 model.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Clear image quality.
  • Fans are quiet.


  • The audio system aren’t very loud.

AZEUS Pro True 6000L Large Screen Video Projector

Key Features
Screen Resolution with 1080 pixels.
For brilliant shadeation photos with a brightness of 6000 Lux.
two hundred″ Wide Screen For Complete Projection.
The Contrast Ratio it gives is 3000:1.
LCD era for the clean display screen.
LED mild supply.
Longer existence as much as 50,000 hours for the LED bulb used.
HiFi Stereo Speakers.
Dolby virtual sound era.
Versatile multimedia connectivity with HDMI, USB, VGA, or AV.

AZEUS logo gives you a whole answer whether or not you’re a newbie or an expert. We recognise at this rate factor we can`t anticipate quite a few functionalities inclusive of WiFi or Bluetooth for smooth connection. Still, AZEUS Pro True Large Screen Video Projector is one of the pleasant alternatives for looking films in HD. The stronger 6000 lumens brilliant ability with upgraded era continues you addicted to this outstanding model. Widescreen as much as two hundred inches offers you with large-display screen amusement following 1080 pixels display screen decision and comparison ratio.

These capabilities preserve the display screen photo in test with out making you experience blurry or burdened approximately the photos. The sound great of the in-constructed audio system is ideal with the Dolby sound era that makes a decision the loud and immersive experience. The LED mild supply utilized in it serves you approximately 50,000 and is long-lasting withinside the low cost rate variety earlier than replacement.


  • Portable finances projector.
  • Loud in-constructed speaker.
  • Excellent photo great at the large display screen.
  • Value for money.


  • No Bluetooth or WiFi era is given.

Best Mapping Projector Buyers Guide

Theres no question that projection mapping is an thrilling and revolutionary era. In fact, there may be a selection of various projectors to be had available in the marketplace which can be all appropriate for projection mapping.
However, one-of-a-kind projectors have their precise professionals and cons relying for your precise desires.
In this article, weve mentioned 6 of our favourite projectors for projection mapping so that you can discover which one is exceptional on your desires. Bellow, well undergo what you want to search for whilst shopping for the exceptional projector for projection mapping.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is an rising era that lets in human beings to show gadgets into lively monitors. You can use it to convert something round you with animations and designs of your choice.
You may even task onto abnormal surfaces, making it extremely good for growing immersive consequences in areas like stadiums or theaters. The projector shines a mild onto the item, making it seem like any other photo or animation changed into being projected there in place of only a stable colour or simple layout.
This era is beneficial for a selection of various purposes. For instance, architects can upload an additional layer of element and realism whilst designing homes or structures.
Also, occasion manufacturers can use it to create magnificent visuals for his or her tiers or events.

Creators also can use it in interactive show installations, video mapping, and greater.
Whether youre an architect seeking to upload sensible element for your designs with projections, a level supervisor at an occasion looking greater layers of visible consequences, or a writer looking to create an immersive installation, projection mapping is the proper manner to feature any other measurement of layout and manufacturing value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does projection mapping works?

Projection mapping is a way that makes use of video projections to show gadgets into interactive shows.
You can use it to show gadgets, homes, and different surfaces into video shows that extrade their look below one-of-a-kind situations.

What do I want for projection mapping?

It could be exceptional in case you had a projector and an item or floor to task onto. You also can use flat monitors for projection mapping. Still, they dont provide the identical degree of interactivity as bodily gadgets do. Is projection mapping expensive? It can depend upon the sort of task you’re operating on and your requirements. For easy initiatives, a projector is all thats needed.
Still, for greater complicated ones, extra gadget including lights and software program may emerge as necessary.

What is the exceptional projection mapping software program?

No precise software program may be named because the exceptional for projection mapping because it relies upon upon your desires and specifications.
There are many alternatives to be had withinside the market, however you want to select one relying on what sort of task you’re operating on.
Here are a number of the projection mapping software program: Lightform, Millumin, Dataton, Watchout, MadMapper, Arkaos GrandVJ XT, Resolume, and HeavyM.

How many lumens do you want for projection mapping?

The best brightness or lumen output we advocate for projection mapping is among 1500 and 4000 lumens.
If you need to paintings with projections on large surfaces including homes and stadiums, then greater than 4000 lumens may be required relying upon the sort of lights situations round them.


Having an appropriate projector for projection mapping is important to making sure you get fine outcomes even as making sure your finances doesnt move into needless spending that doesn’t yield any giant benefits.
We have protected projectors with one-of-a-kind rate points, specs, and features, which can be great alternatives for operating on numerous forms of initiatives inside this device. So relying upon your desires, select one from the above!