Best projector under $500 Complete Guide 2022

Best Projector under $500

Best projector under $500 Complete Guide 2022

Looking for the Best projector under $500? That depends on what you need it for. People buy projectors for various purposes such as games, movies, or corporate presentations. You may be looking for the ideal projector that also fits your budget.

There are so many things to look for before buying a projector that we thought this guide would be helpful. There are some Best projectors under $500 that have all the important features and great graphics.

As you sift and sort through the various projector models, you’ll notice differences in video quality, resolution, lamp life, speaker performance, HDMI connectivity, lumen output, and more. We’ll consider all of these factors as we list some of the best projectors below. 500 dollars. Factors to consider when buying a projector there are certain criteria for choosing the best projector under $500 for your needs. For example, if you decide to buy a projector for watching movies, you need to consider display technology, resolution, compatibility, etc. However, there are some important factors to look for regardless of the purpose you are buying it for.

Let’s look at

Some important features that a reliable and quality projector should have.


The DLP projector has a sharper display than the LCD type. 3D image rendering is better with DLP projectors and is also brighter than LCD type. The fast motion looks good on DLP, but dark colors don’t look good on DLP. LCD-type projectors are usually cheaper.

Screen size

Figuring out the ideal screen size for your projector is not as easy as you might think. You can’t go for the biggest screen size you can find. This is because if the distance between the audience and the projector screen is small, it is not convenient to see the full extent of the screen. You have to move your head from side to side to see the whole picture. For this reason, the screen size should not be too small or too large. The resolution of your projector is another aspect to consider when deciding on screen size. A very large screen enlarges the pixels, making things look less detailed.

 Bulb life

 This is where you think about the lifespan of the product you are putting your money into. The bulb is the most expensive component and you need to know how long you can expect it to last. A minimum projector lamp life should be 10,000+ hours.


You can find the lumen value in the projector’s specification. It just tells you how bright the display is. So if you want to use it in a dark room or at night, 1000 lumens is enough. However, for outdoor daytime use, it should be 3000+ lumens for proper visibility.


Contrast is another important factor in determining the quality of image projection. The contrast must be high enough for a sharp display. Contrast is the difference between light and dark, and a wide contrast range is always required for a projector.

Far from throwing

This is the maximum distance you can place the screen in front of the projector to get a clear image. Here you need to think about what purpose you need it for and where the audience will sit. Expensive projectors usually have a long distance to ensure that you can place the projector far enough away from the screen.


If you need a projector to watch movies or play games, you’ll need to focus on resolution. Higher resolution means better image quality. Most projectors have a fixed resolution, so you should think this through before buying.


Multiple connection options like USB, VGA, and HDMI come in handy when projecting content from different types of devices. A standard HDMI port is a basic requirement of any projector. A Bluetooth connection can be useful for streaming movies from your laptop.

ViewSonic PX701HD is the best projector under $500.

Best Projector under $500


 • VGA, HDMI, and USB 2.0 device interfaces
• Brightness of 3,500 lumens
• 12,000:1 Quality contrast
• 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
• Throw ratio 1m~10.96m (100″@3.32m)

The ViewSonic 1080p projector offers full HD images and vivid shadows, a complete pressure projector for components. It is accessible up to 3,500 ANSI lumens of additional light to have a unique amount of exceptional image quality. This attractive home theater projector has a screen size of 300 inches and a finished model prepared in 3D. You will find it unique as the best projector under 500.

With the help of Viewsonic Super Colour Technology, you will see image quality that is wide enough to ensure a better experience of life in the shade. It is accessible in 7 different photo modes to choose the one that suits the climate of your room.

As for the network, you will find it available with 2 HDMI, 1 USB, VGA, and more. Plus, it even comes with a built-in 10-watt speaker to have the same sound and sound. Thanks to this, you can easily communicate with the game control center, media player, and phones.


  • Based on the 3D resolution
  • Reduced waiting time for entry
  • Unique connection
  • True to-life colors


  • No help in 4k
  • Very expensive.

A-list of the best projectors under 500.

While the ViewSonic PX701HD is one of the best projectors under 500, there are other great projectors in this price range. Let’s take a look at some of the best projectors under 500.

KODAK Luma 150 Best projector under $500


• Brightness of 60 ANSI lumens
• Countertop mounting type
• 1500:1 Contrast Quality
• 854 x 480 screen resolution
• Throw ratio 0.8′ – 12.8′

KODAK LUMA 150 is one of the best projectors that you can use for meetings or other purposes. You will find this projector accessible with incredible touch control, DLP change and very muc,h like the overall gadget. and It even helps you view photos or slides in 16:9 presentation where it can grow up to almost 120″.

Plus, these top projectors play up to 500 recordings from microSD™ cards or via USB! It even provides access to the associated HDMI® ports and comes with cabling for the more important and standard rack mounting. This stand holder rests on the base where you can easily mount it. In addition, it has a basic battery powered by a 3-hour battery. You can run it yourself by connecting it to an AC power source. Access to the minijack audio output helps you connect headphones to controlled speakers!


  • Modern design
  • Ignore the rainbow effect in the video presentation
  • Easily available from a variety of source
  • A unique battery within a battery


  • Requires a tripod.

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Wireless Mobile Projector – 100 Lumens


• USB hardware interface
• 854 x 480 screen resolution
• Weighs 1.2 pounds
• Brightness of 100 ANSI lumens

 This projector is made using a 3LCD chip where it shows great color results without fading or rainbow effect. You can also get it as a “shading wheel” frame with an RGBRGB wheel. Another quality of this projector is its excellent picture available in a choice of 3840 x 2160p with a dangerously sharp picture equipped with a brightness of 2200 lumens. It has 8.3 million pixels across a 120-inch screen.

If you are compact, you can easily move it anywhere. In addition, playback can be accelerated using Acer AcuMotion technology for mid-range performance. You can find this best practical projector similar to some HDMI units like PS, Xbox, or satellite TV. Customers want nothing more than to get a wonderful sound that is unique from two basic 5W speakers with very deep and powerful bass.


  • DLP 4k to UHD support
  • Dual use of built-in 5W speakers
  • Works with a variety of HDMI devices
  • Battery Battery 3800mAh


  • The projector requires a 3D display.

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Epson EX3260 SVGA 3LCD projector


• 3300 lumens of light
• 800 x 600 screen resolution
• 15,000: 1 Difference in quality
• 1.48:1 drop aspect ratio

Epson EX3260 is one such projector that works great when you use it for your lifestyle. It has an output of more than 3,300 lumens, making it an affordable option. Simply put, it’s a customizable and focused projector that new and emerging gaming clients can own. So it is available in basic and ergonomic plans with 9.9 ″ x 11.9 ″ 3.6 ″ elements. It makes no sense if even the smallest size is in sight. Weighs in at just a paltry 5.5 lbs.

In addition, it is also accessible in a carrying case for greater convenience during transport. You can connect the projector to your computer via USB. The projector even has excellent 3x shadow accuracy. It also has a 3x wider range of shades for high-quality work with photos.


  • Amazing sound
  • • Works with any computer or media player
  • Higher color accuracy with increased brightness
  • Simple setup


  • Requires optical zoom.

KODAK Luma 350 Portable Smart Projector


• Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI interfaces
• Light 350 lumens
• type of remote control
• 35.00: 1 Quality difference
• Lifespan of 30,000 hours
• 854 × 480 Resolution level

 It is an LED-based projector that uses Texas Instruments’ DLP innovation. It has a high estimated brightness of nearly 200 ANSI lumens, which translates to a contrast ratio of 3,500:1. In addition, it is further accessible for 854 x 480 pixels, or FWVGA, than 480p support.

It can work seamlessly in the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio range! When finished as a reliable LED-based projector, the light source ends up with a long-term controlled life of 30,000 hours. The overall plan of this $500 video projector is unimaginable to the eye, made of white and gold trim. It has a 1.1 x 4.4 x 4.4 inch (HWD) element in a comfortable feel and weighs 12 ounces.


  • Available on Android 6 OS for running apps and downloading
  • Light and more compact
  • Provides controller with basic battery
  • Projects a beautiful image of a good size for extra brightness


  • The projector’s controls are quite limited

DBPOWER projector


• VGA, HDMI, and USB Type-C device interfaces
• Light 8500 lumens
• Wall, ceiling, and tripod mount type
• Remote control

A convertible indoor/outdoor projector with everything you need to watch movies, stream content from your mobile, or put on a show, this DBPOWER projector is completely versatile. Includes built-in solid-frame speakers, 100,000-hour light life, and a three-year warranty.

For presentations or hard drive media, you can install a USB flash drive that plugs directly into the projector and plays games on it. That’s not big hall quality at home, although for the cost – as well as 1080p Native support – it’s probably all that’s needed.


  • 1080p screen resolution
  • The latest WIFI advanced mobile phone screen sync technology
  • Updated 4D keystone correction
  • Weighs 7.17 lbs


  • Does not support Bluetooth

BenQ TH585 projector


• Display technology: DLP
• Resolution: 1080p Full HD
• Light: 3500 ANSI lumens
• Contrast ratio: 15,000:1
• Lamp life: 10,000 hours
• Connectivity: HDMI
• Setup: easy setup right out of the box

The BenQ TH585 is an excellent projector for under five hundred dollars considering all the features it offers. It can produce an impressive 3,500 lumens, which means you can watch movies in almost any lighting condition, no matter how bright or dark things around you are.

A big plus of this model is the built-in speaker, so you don’t need to buy external speakers. However, the speakers do not provide good sound quality – especially when used as a home theater. So you should consider this factor when purchasing this projector.



  •  Very bright, crisp, and sharp
  • Digital lens replacement and keystone correction are incredible
  • Low input lag


  • Bad built-in speaker

WiMiUS New 5G Best Projector under $500


• Display technology: DLP
• Resolution: 1080p
• Contrast ratio: 12,000:1
• Light: 9,500 lux
• Lamp life: 200,000 hours of LED lamp
• Connectivity: 5G wireless, USB, Bluetooth

This projector is a great option if you’re in the $500 range because it can play videos wirelessly from your tablet or phone. It’s also great for watching movies quickly on the big screen without lag, especially if you’re streaming directly to this device instead of using an HDMI cable. Best of all, this model supports resolutions up to 1080p, meaning you won’t miss out on Full HD viewing experiences that look incredible in high definition.

In addition, this projector features the latest LED technology, which is more than 20% brighter than other 1080p projectors. It also supports 4K resolution, which displays 10 times more detail than 1080p models. In addition, it has 4-point data correction greater than ± 60°, which you can project from larger angles. Best of all, the LED lamp provides a lifespan of more than 10 years. This will be perfect because you won’t waste time.


  • You get a 4-year warranty (twice as long as other manufacturers)
  • Exchange in one year, remaining 3 for free repair
  • Supports 4K resolution
  •  9,500 lux
  • Lamp life 10 years
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connection
  • Case included for easy postage


  • Unnatural 4K resolution

Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector


• USB device interface
• 1920 x 1080 screen resolution
• Wall mounting type

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector is at the more expensive end of the range, but it packs a punch. Despite its value, the Mi is compact, well designed, and capable of doing just about anywhere in the house. It works with Android TV, making it easy to set up and download apps. You can use one HDMI port for your association, although unfortunately, you have to go through Android TV to set up your gadget.

However, if you do set it up, you’ll appreciate Native 1080p support, up to a 120-inch projection screen, and a regular brightness of 500 lumens. So many specs can come at a higher price, but you should expect to be in the $500 territory. For what it offers, the Mi is still an excellent little projector with an admittedly neater plan.


  • 1080P resolution preserves true colors
  • To accurately display the clearest image
  • Square pixel design
  • Better finesse and clearer images


  • Difficult sorting process

YABER Y31 9000L Best projector Under $500


• Native resolution (1920x1080p).
• Contrast ratio of 10,000:1
• 8000 lux of light
• 3W dual sound system speakers

YABER Y31 is another home theater projector that offers a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a brightness of 8,000 lux. One of its most important features is the 4D keystone repair that brings you highlights such as automatic vertical correction, touch to highlight, and touch to restore.

In addition, it uses an LED light hotspot to provide a superior clear image with a maximum projection size of up to 300 inches. Two other things that catch the eye of the projector are the double-sided cooling structure and the variable temperature control to control the heat distribution of the fan. It also changes the fan speed and detects the temperature of the light source to prevent overheating.


  • Projection size up to 300 inches
  • Light life of 10,000 hours
  • 4K keystone correction


  • Not too bright


The final decision is up to you, but there are some great options available for projectors that won’t break the bank. Each one offers something different for people who want a device they can rely on for image quality and durability along with long lamp life so you don’t have to worry about replacing them.

These products go above and beyond what other models offer by providing excellent image clarity, practical features such as keystone correction, autofocus, and easy portability. compromising lighting or design levels.

I hope this article helps clear things up for you when shopping for the best projector under $500.


What is the best home projector under 500?

 All of these options are good to consider because they all have different qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. However, we recommend the Epson Home Cinema 880 projector as the first choice for people who want something that offers excellent image clarity and brightness levels along with easy-to-use features.

How much does a decent movie projector cost?

Although it is difficult to focus on a specific price range for people looking to buy projectors, we recommend sticking with one of these models as they all provide good features and image quality. This means you can expect to pay between $500 and $20,000 for a quality projector.

What is the best projector money can buy?

All of these models are good choices depending on what you’re looking for from a projector. However, the best projector money can buy is the BenQ HT3550 True 4K Projector.