Epson 3LCD projector review

Are you interested in buying the Epson 3LCD projector? If yes, it is suggested to go through this unbiased review. The user receives bright projection, excellent color accuracy, and highly-detailed picture quality. Experts have applauded its features and marked it as one of the best projectors for streaming. It has few tradeoffs and few negatives.

The contrast ratio, controlled color preciseness, shadow detailing, and three-chip LCD engine design makes it a good model among consumers. In addition, it does not show rainbow artifacts, encased with 3300 lumens, built-in speakers, and a 16,000:1 contrast ratio. Thus, for streaming projection, we suggest you have the Epson 3LCD model, and the rest of the info is given below:

Overview of Epson 3LCD projector

You can now make your home theater more dynamic-looking. Guess what we are talking about? Yes, it is Epson 3LCD projector that can bring a drastic and super promising rich change into your home theatre room. It is sheathed with state-of-the-art projection technology to bring the frame and image quality with a cinematic effect.

Furthermore, it features proprietary core technologies and delivers a remarkable projection on a wall or screen. Whether you love binge-watching TV shows or are crazy to play games, this reviewed projector is intended for both of these purposes.

You witness a larger-than-life experience, which is possible due to the true 3-chip and 3LCD technology. It tries assuring the best-in-class color depth, intensity, and brightness. We hope that you will get an immersive and unforgettable HD entertainment time with this projector. It has become one of the top-selling models, and you can get it too for yourself!

Key Specifications

Lumen3300 LumenContrast ratio16,000:1
Technology3LCD technologySensorPicture skew sensor
ConnectivityAll-digital HDMI connectivityUSPGreat picture quality

Features of Epson 3LCD projector

Impressive picture quality, super-bright images, best-in-class contrast, easy setup, and HDMI connectivity make it a favorable model. Below you can see what features and eye-catchy qualities it has:

Outstanding picture quality

You will surely get exceptional picture quality if you have planned to pick the Epson 3LCD projector. It delivers highly detailed and burry-free 1080p images. In addition, it assures fast data processing and is optimized for movies, gaming, and fast-action sports.

3300 lumens guarantees to exhibit super bright images

The reviewed model shows a 3300 lumens rating, and this feature promises to exhibit super bright images without producing any distortion. The black and white brightness, as well as color picture quality, remains perfect and outstanding! Certainly, you can make this projector work in all lighting conditions, which is another plus point.

Epson 3LCD Projector technology

The brand has conceptualized this projector on the 3LCD technology mechanism. With such advanced settings, the user receives best-in-class contrast and brightness. RGB colors remain showcased in every frame without showing any dullness. Overall, the assurance of color accuracy makes this projector 100% versatile and highly preferable. It does not bring a “rainbowing” problem when projecting images.

HDMI connectivity and easy setup

The HDMI connectivity mode is all-digital, and you can connect this projector with the gaming console, disc player, and streaming device via cable or satellite box. Besides, an easy setup process is there. Just take out the projector from the box and mount it to the desired location in a few minutes.

Picture skew sensor and satisfactory contrast ratio

The picture skew sensor is built-in! The main purpose offered by this feature is to analyze and assess the picture quality automatically. In addition, it corrects and fixes the keystone. The trapezoid effects get reduced, and both corners and frames remain adjusted smoothly to get the preferred image geometry. On the other hand, the contrast ratio looks epic. It ranges to 16,000:1 and promises to bring rich detail and clarity to the dark scenes.

Color management system

You can adjust and control the brightness, hue, and saturation with the help of the color management system. Even at maximum brightness, you end up getting an accurate display and rich colors. Thus, this one is an acceptable model which you can have indoors or outdoors. It can work and display perfectly in high and low ambient light levels. Apart from getting accurate HD colors, you will also get good shadow detailing.

We hope you have now understood what distinguishes the Epson 3LCD projector from the rest of its competitors. It shows the blend of smooth streaming time and high-quality image processing. If you are looking for lower-priced projectors, we suggest having Epson 3LCD. You will get a better experience than you witnessed in the past. It showcases an entirely different streaming system and comes with fully integrated features and a unique mechanism.


Stunning and clear picture quality

All-digital HDMI connectivity

Easy setup


It does not show 3D and HDR support


What is a 3LCD Projector?

A 3LCD projector makes use of three transparent and premium LCD panels. In other words, there is a separate LCD panel for each primary color which is primarily red, green, and blue.

How long does a 3LCD projector last?

3LCD projectors last for 2,000 to 4,000 hours, depending on the environment you have set them up. The latest models show an improved life; you only have to regularly clean and replace the filters and lamps to ensure excellent picture quality.

What happens if you fail to replace the projector lamp?

The projector lamp might explode if you do to replace it regularly. They need frequent maintenance, cleaning, and replacement. Thus, the risk of damaging the projector fans, blowers, and optics increases if the lamp has become outdated or does not get replaced on time.


It is high time to upgrade your home cinema zone, and feels free to place the Epson 3LCD projector over there. It offers satisfactory performance, boasts maximum resolution, 3300 lumens rating, and true 3-chip and superior 3LCD technology. Stay tuned!