Epson home cinema 3200 review

Let us check out the complete review on the Epson home cinema 3200 projector. Many home projectors have been launched, but Epson seems to be a leader and pioneer in making high-end quality projectors. This is a 4K Pro-UHD 3-Chip Projector, which comes with HRD settings.

The respective model is encased with all the best parts and components, which none of the previous models have. It gives bright images, exceptional quality of colors, an easy mounting process and effortless adjustments. The presence of pixel-shift 4K resolution makes it a first-class projector. You can try it too!

And the bonus point, the HDR support plus is accompanied by true HDMI 2.0 settings and 18Gbit/s capacity. The remaining details are written below; you can have a look at them:

Overview of Epson home cinema 3200

If you have tried out previous projectors of Epson, you will like using this model as well. Here we have comprehensively reviewed the Home Cinema 3200 model. It is a 4K HDR-compatible 3LCD projector that delivers maximum brightness and satisfactory image quality. The lumen rating goes up to 2900 lumens, and the reviewed model is based and conceptualized on advanced projection technology.

The 3200 model has become the newest and latest addition to the Home Cinema projector Series lineup. You will get an exceptional theatre performance, and that too at an affordable price range. Experts have called the 3200 model a native HD projector, but it remains equipped with the best and top-notch features. It easily adopts 4K HDR content and accepts 60 frames per second because of the two 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 settings.

Homeowners have always preferred using these projectors because they are designed on E-Shift technology. You eventually catch a clearer, brighter and crisper image quality. If your theatre room has a traditional 1080P projector, we suggest you prefer buying the Home Cinema 3200. The unique selling quality is that this reviewed model is compatible and syncs well with HDR10 and HLG content.

Key Specifications

BrandEpsonMinimum Throw Distance2.15 meters
Control MethodRemoteLumens2900
Resolution4KCompatibilityAll color formats
DesignTrue 3-chip design USPDigital video processing

Features of Epson home cinema 3200

Below we have written down the important features and specs of Epson home cinema 3200:

4 K PRO-UHD-1 Projection Technology

The brand has enclosed this model with the 4K Pro-UHD-1 Projection technology! It guarantees to enhance and fully augment the resolution range. In addition, the image gets processed in an advanced manner, and you acquire bright and crisp picture quality.

True 3-chip design

Epson 3200 has a True 3-chip design. It is endorsed that the 3LCD technology exhibits 100% of the RGB color signals and does not bring any distortion, blurriness or rainbow effect into the frame. In other words, you will not get color brightness issues.

4K image resolution processing

Experts have applauded the 4K image resolution processing mechanism of this projector. The injection of pixel-shifting technology brings high definition to the picture quality. It lets the user precisely and accurately controls the three LCD chips to regulate millions of pixels parallel.

Full 10-bit HDR settings

Incorporating full 10-bit HDR settings accepts all sorts of HDR content and other related source information and gives the most impressive visual performance.

Digital video processing

The videos are being processed in digital and world-class format as well. Epson 3200 projector delivers real-time operations and processes 12-bit analog-to-digital video processing mechanism. You get smooth and distorted-free tonal transitions. Such technology also eliminates banding and blocking.

Outstanding and satisfactory brightness

Undoubtedly, Epson 3200 delivers satisfactory brightness results. It shows impressive 2900 Lumens and promises to maintain the color and white brightness ranges. Furthermore, the contrast ratio goes perfectly up to 40, 000: 1.

Compatibility with all color formats

Lastly, 3200 is compatible with all color formats because of the 18 Gbps HDMI 2. 0 supporting feature! It remains companionable with a maximum number of color depths and spaces and supports 4K HDR content.

Final verdict

Overall, it shows the balanced blend of performance, value and quality. Though it lacks features like Power Zoom and Lens Shift, still it has become a popular pick. The presence of noticeable and desirable features like Bluetooth, wireless networking and Active 3D has escalated its popularity.

It is time to make your home theatre or gaming room more dedicated looking, and that is possible if you invest in Epson 3200. It has become a great option for watching HDR movies and successfully gives you a high frame-rate gaming time. The inclusion of the 4 K PRO-UHD1 technologies makes it an exceptional projector that ensures resolution enhancement, first-class image processing and fine colors quality.


4K resolution processing

Full 10-bit HDR

Outstanding brightness


The delivery might come late


What are Home Cinema projectors?

Home cinema projectors work differently than commercial-scale projectors. They are placed in a room that is not that darkened. Moreover, they give out maximum light to make the image bright, clear and crisp even in the presence of ambient lighting.

How to choose the right size projector?

Choosing the right size projector matter a lot! If your theatre room is small, there is no need to place a bigger projector. Massive size projectors seem to be a suitable choice for bigger spaces only. Overall, the average size ranges between a 100″ and a 120″ projection screen.

How many feet should projectors be from screens?

To get a better and ideal estimation, it is recommended to go through the projector’s manual. It will help you correctly calculate and estimate the distance between the screen and your projector. Generally, a good rule of thumb! If you have a 100-inch screen, it is advisable to position the projector between 120 and 130 inches. Or you can say at a 10.5 feet distance.


That is all we have about the Epson home cinema 3200 review! Those who have planned to upgrade their home projectors; can consider picking up Epson projectors, especially their 3200 model. Please stay connected with us because more projector models and honest reviews are yet to come on this platform.