Epson Pro EX7260 projector- Review 2022

If you have been struggling to look for the most comprehensive Epson Pro EX7260 projector review, you are at the right place to grab authentic details.

Epson has a history of making incredible quality projectors, and among so many of their models and top-of-the-line collections, we have reviewed this EX7260 for our readers. It is of satisfactory and pro-quality. In addition, it offers a 3600 lumens rating, wireless HDMI/ MHL connectivity, and is included in the 3LCD projector niche.

No doubt, it shows the next-level projection; that is why gamers and homeowners have become die-hard fans of it. Remember that this one is a wireless projector, and it is escorted by a maximum number of enhanced features and advanced connectivity settings. You always catch vivid, clear, and high-definition colorful images projected on the screen.

Rest, you can place it in well-lit offices, homes, gaming rooms, or conference rooms. The WXGA resolution project two times more clarity and detail. Due to the wireless connectivity mode, you can connect it with tablets and smartphones. The rest of the information is written below:

Overview of Epson Pro EX7260 projector

If you have already tried out Epson projectors, we are sure that you will find the Pro EX7260 model a bit different and better in terms of performance. It promises to give more accurate colors. The image quality becomes vivid, and you spot not a single blurry effect. It even guarantees to display high-quality projection in well-lit rooms where ambient light is excessive.

Moreover, the color and white brightness carry an equal amount of lumens rating, which is 3600. Customers have called it a pro-quality projector because the WXGA resolution range, wireless operations, and compatibility with other streaming devices make it a powerhouse.

The resolution range is 1280 x 800, and this will bring two times more clarity and precision to the picture quality. Besides, the WXGA resolution project games and presentations consistently in HD mode. You will see no hassle in connecting the Pro EX7260 projector with your laptop, tablet, or phone, and it is also compatible with MHL-enabled devices.

Key Specifications

BrandEpsonHardware interfaceHDMI
Brightness3600 LumenConnectivityHDMI / MHL Connectivity
ConstructionLightweight and pro-qualityResolutionWXGA 1280 x 800  
SetupWirelessUSPVivid colors and brightness

Features of Epson Pro EX7260 projector

Bright and colorful images are what you will get from the Pro EX7260 model. If you feel like going through its features, you can check them out here:

3600 lumens rating

The Pro EX7260 shows a 3600 lumens rating which automatically makes the colored and black and white images remain bright, blurry-free, and no hazy effect accompanies them. In addition, the picture quality will remain up to the mark and does not get impacted due to the ambient light. Even if you place the Pro EX7260 outdoors or in well-lit rooms, it will perform impressively.

WXGA Resolution

The resolution range is 1280 x 800! Overall, the brand claims to offer HD widescreen resolution to make the video, games, and presentations quality truly world-class and first-rate. The old models had SVGA resolution, which failed to display clear and bright images. But this respective model has introduced WXGA for injecting HD-quality into the videos and presentations.


Do you know that the Pro EX7260 projector runs wirelessly? Yes, it is true! You can easily project videos and presentations from your laptops or phones without plugging them into your projector.

Wireless connectivity lets you place this projector anywhere, and you no longer have to see the mess of cables and wires. Moreover, the wireless connection is made by scanning the onscreen QR code. The promising part is that it also allows HDMI / MHL Connectivity. It means that the Pro EX7260flawlessly streams 1080p content and offers immediate access to shows, movies, and games from the MHL-enabled devices.

Keystone Correction

The keystone correction helps you achieve a square or rectangular image. You only have to adjust the projector vertically or horizontally and get the desired image size and angle.

Long-lasting lamp life

The lamp of Pro EX7260 lasts up to 10,000 hours. It discards the need to buy the lamp repeatedly and maximizes viewing time.


Vivid colors

Pro-quality projector

Ideal for projecting games, videos, and HD presentations


Limited guarantee


Do Epson projectors have Wi-Fi?

Yes, many Epson projectors have Wi-Fi. If you have picked the model exclusively intended for business and education purposes, all those projectors remain Wi-Fi compatible. With the help of wireless projectors, it gets easy for you to easily share and stream content wirelessly by using the laptop or phone whenever and wherever you are!

What to use to clean the projector?

Special cleaning solutions are available in the shops that help you clean the projectors and components, including the lens. In addition, lens brushes are used for cleaning the lenses without putting any scratches on them. It is recommended to follow the circular motion when wiping and make the projector completely dust and debris-free.

How to know that a projector is of good quality?

A projector is always of good quality if it has a great lumens rating and contrast ratio. The image will be washed out and look blurry if the contrast ratio and lumens are not up to the mark. If you have placed a projector in a dark room, make sure that the contrast ratio needs to be at least 1,500:1 or 2,000:1 or higher.


That is all details we have on the Epson Pro EX7260 projector review! Wrapping up! You get accurate colors and bright images, and the quality of the pictures does not wash out. The 3600 lumens rating make it a suitable model for well-lit rooms. It allows easy and quick image adjustments, and you can control its settings conveniently.

Connecting this projector with the latest media players and laptops seems no longer a hassle. As this model supports HDMI, extensive connectivity options for streaming digital video and audio content are available for the users. Stay tuned.