Epson projector for classroom (Review & Guide 2022)

Does your classroom need a new projector? In this case, Epson projectors can be preferred by you. The reviewed model is a truly versatile, 3-chip, and 3LCD 1080p projector with 3400 lumens and exceptional image quality. The color and white brightness range are up to the required standard, and you can utilize this model for gaming, streaming, or displaying video or PowerPoint presentations.

Moreover, it has a Built-in Speaker and Auto Picture Skew features. The injection of a 16,000:1 Contrast ratio and Dual HDMI connectivity option makes it the preferred and suitable model to set up in classrooms. Without a doubt, you will get spectacular and most striking picture quality and dull colors will be there. On the other hand, the two HDMI ports let you enjoy versatile connectivity options.

Overview of Epson projector

It is time to bring this epic Epson projector to your classrooms or conference rooms. It features advanced technology and state-of-the-art qualities in it. The 1080p resolution and 3400 lumens improve the picture quality and provide the user with a 100% digital mode.

The display reaches up to 320 inches, and you can project the image, video, or presentation virtually on any kind of blank wall or white screen. Moreover, the color brightness potential offered by this Epson projector is quite satisfactory. The true 3-chip technology does not rip or break the image; in fact, it improves and enhances it.

It is guaranteed that students will face no trouble while connecting and mounting the projector. It functions on the plug-and-play mechanism. Just power it on and start displaying the video presentations. At 1090p, it is assured that you will get detailed images and the fastest data processing mechanism.

Thus, for a dedicated-looking classroom, you can have this projector. It has become the prime example of how a big-screen entertainment time can be achieved by sitting in a small room. Lastly, the design looks streamlined and space-friendly.

Key Specifications

BrandEpsonIdeal forGaming, home theatre, and streaming
Lumens3400Hardware interfaceHDMI
Contrast16000:1USPAuto picture skew

Features of Epson projector

Below you can explore more of the features on the reviewed projector launched by Epson:

Bright picture quality

The brand has repeatedly said that this projector offers bright picture quality, and you will not ever get a feel that blurry and faded images are displayed. Moreover, the quality of images and videos looks highly detailed and run on the 1080p resolution mode.

Functions in all lighting conditions

The 3400 lumens rating has enabled the Epson projector to function smoothly in all lighting conditions. Whether the image is black or white or the video content is colored, ultra-bright quality is assured.

3LCD technology

Epson and almost all of its projectors have 3LCD technology infused. It means the color brightness range will never get low. Moreover, full colors remain exhibited in a single frame. Thus, the brightness, clarity, and accuracy are supremely maintained.

Versatile and adaptable connectivity options

The connectivity options offered by this respective projector look 100% adaptable and versatile. There are two HDMI ports, and you can connect this device with any kind of cable/satellite box or Blu-ray Disc player. Furthermore, you can link it with a gaming console or any latest streaming device.

Picture skew sensor and highly scaled contrast ratio

The picture skew sensor feature analyzes the picture and corrects the keystone for immediately acquiring a stable, fully focused, square image. Rest, the contrast ratio, which is 16,000:1, infuses a rich and bright amount of detailing in the dark scenes. The color brightness no longer gets distracted, and the rainbowing effect remains controlled.

Color mode adjustments

The color modes are convenient to adjust. It is up to you which color mode you want to pick and then optimize and control the projection content according to your standards. There is the Dynamic, Bright Cinema mode and also the Cinema and Natural mode.

Award-winning customer service

The brand claims to have an award-winning and professional customer service and support team at its end. You will get the standard and two-year limited warranty time on buying this projector. In addition, the full-unit replacement is guaranteed in case you see a defect. The technical phone support is free of cost too!

Eco Features

The noticeable Eco features include RoHS compliance, and it is a recyclable product. Thus, it is a standard throw projector with a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts and corrects the image size. Alongside, it prevents skewing and ensures giving a consistent clarity and brightness.


Ultra-bright images

Versatile connectivity

Dynamic contrast ratio


Slightly at a higher price


Is a 1080p projector worthy and good?

Yes, it is always a good idea if you plan to get a 1080p projector. These kinds of projectors accompany a higher resolution and remain ideal for streaming. They enhance and genuinely improve the viewing quality, possess a higher contrast ratio, and produce excellent image quality regardless of what distance you are viewing the movie.

What is the use of a DLP projector?

DLP projectors ensure to display high-quality images and clear projections. In addition, they possess the 3D capability, encase more mirrors and more pixels and present the images in a brighter and higher definition mode.

Which projector is good, LCD or DLP?

LCD projectors guarantee to present sharper images, maximum brightness, and grander picture quality. On the other hand, DLP projectors remain lighter and portable. They run on the Digital Light Processing mechanism and use more micro-mirrors for projecting clear and detailed images onto a large screen.


If you have queries on the Epson projector, you can ask us! You can inspect your classroom once again and see whether it needs a new projector or not. If it does, you can suggest your school/college admin get the Epson projector for your class. Stay connected for more updates!