HOPVISION Native 1080P Projector Full HD [Review&Guide2022]

Hold on for a second! We have an honest review on the HOPVISION Full HD 1080P Projector. You can go through it, and there is a high chance that this movie projector might get included in your list of favorites.

It shows the full and high-definition mode and accompanies a 9500 lumens rating. In addition, the LED lamp life extends up to 150,000 hours. It supports 4K settings and displays the image up to 350 inches. The highlighting part is that you can connect it with any PC, smartphone, laptop, or PS4 device. It shows quick and effortless connectivity with a TV stick too!

Indisputably, the HOPVISION projector looks quite solid and performs ten times better than other traditional models. The picture quality and brightness meet all the international level standards. Moreover, the 1080p projector has always been a top pick among gamers. You get smooth in-game performance if the console is linked with the HOPVISION projector.

Overview of HOPVISION 1080P Projector

It is hard for many readers to believe that this reviewed projector offers projection up to 350 inches! But it is actually true. You get the giant, most massive, and cinematic screen experience. Moreover, you can adjust the image size from 45″ to 350″ without any issue.

Home theater projectors are always epic and delightful to see, and when you choose the best brand, the experience becomes two times more incredible. In the same way, the HOPVISION projector promises to deliver ultimate brightness. It has adopted the bright and premium LED light source to make the image as much clear and bright as possible.

Besides, the brand has escorted it with the advanced LCD technology to significantly improve the picture quality and take the brightness scale over 95%. Make sure that you turn off all the lights in your room to catch a better viewing time.

Rest, it has built-in dual speakers to restore and further push the sound levels. You will certainly hear the original soundtracks without any buffering and disturbance. If you feel like connecting it with external speakers, you can do that. There is a 3.5 mm port in it, just insert the cable of those external speakers into this port and augment the sound quality.

The touch screen experience also looks ultimate and intuitive. No doubt, the HOPVISION brand has maintained the legacy of introducing hi-fi and advanced features in their projector. And this reviewed model is not left behind! The brand has used professional, user-friendly, and smart touch screens and no physical buttons are here.

Moreover, the touch screen accompanies 32 channels, and the response is delivered in 3 milliseconds. The screen runs on the ultra-high sensitivity mode, and you will definitely have a smooth and hassle-free touch experience. Lastly, you can mount it to the ceiling, and it shows 100% compatibility with the table or camera tripod. You can make it fit and adjust in every position, which is wow!

Key Specifications

BrandHOPVISIONController typeRemote control
Lumens9500Lamp life150,000 hours
Hardware interfaceUSB and HDMIDisplayUp to 350 inches
Resolution1080PUSPLow Energy Consumption

Features of HOPVISION Native 1080P Projector

Let us see what features and supreme qualities it has:

Giant screen and cinematic experience

As mentioned above, the display size reaches up to 350 inches! It means a giant screen and cinematic experience are guaranteed. It is a full HD and 1080p projector, which enlarges the image so that no distortion will be there. The picture quality does not get washed out or faded.

Built-in speakers

The built-in speakers give a hi-fi sound experience. It is endorsed that these stereo speakers accompany SRS Sound to give powerful bass and precise audio quality with not a single hint of buffering in it.

Low energy consumption

You will certainly see that the HOPVISION projector consumes so much low power. The aspect of low energy consumption makes it a preferable and most sought-after projector model. In addition, it has an upgraded design that runs on an efficient cooling system and ensures no noise comes out from the fans.

Long-lasting lamp life

The USP of this exclusive model is that its lamp life is so long-lasting. Bulbs run and keep on smoothly functioning for 150000 hours. In other words, they last for approximately 20 hours.

Maximum lumens rating and support 4K UHD mode

Rest, it contains a 9500 lumens rating and fully supports the 4K UHD mode. The induction of native 1080p resolution as well as 12000: 1 contrast ratio brings six times more detailing and brightness to the pictures. Moreover, you will get high-definition results whether you watch a movie, sports season, show, play a game, or use it for business PowerPoint presentations.

Multimedia connections

The noticeable multimedia connectivity options that the HOPVISION projector offers are HDMI, USB, and AV. It is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and USB sticks.


  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Long-Lasting Lamp
  • Multimedia Connection


  • It runs out of stock sooner


How many lumens should outdoor projectors have?

2500 lumens rating is the minimum requirement that an outdoor projector must-have. The more the lumens, the more brightness and clear image quality will be displayed by the projector in daylight without making it too faint, blurred, or washed out.

What connectivity option do projectors use?

Most of the projectors use HDMI as the connectivity option. The HDMI connection quickly sends digital images as well as sound signals from the PC or laptop to the projector.

What type of lamp is used in a projector?

Metal halide lamps are most commonly used in projectors. Rest, some prefer using the UHP lamps; these are ultra-high performance lamps.


Now, you can share your thoughts and opinions on the HOPVISION Full HD 1080P Projector. No doubt, it shows ultra-high performance, a brilliant amount of brightness, and no distortion as long as you are watching something on it. Stay connected to catch up with more reviews and the latest happenings about the projector world.