How to Clean a Projector inside Lens

What to do if your projector lens has become dirty, filled with lots of stains, and gives out a blurry image? In such a scenario, the projector lens needs a full-fledge cleaning job. Here you can see how to clean and maintain the condition of such a lens. If appropriately cleaned and stained-free, clearer, crispier, and high-quality images will remain projected on the screen.

With time, dust often gets gathered a lot on the lens. Blurry, entirely distorted, and faded image quality is produced if the lens is available in such a poor condition. In addition, dirty lenses reduce brightness, clarity, and sharpness. So, how to clean the projector lens? Please check out the below-written guide:

Items needed to clean a projector lens

You need compressed air, microfiber cloth, tissue paper, and lens cleaning solution

Step 1

The first step is to turn off the projector. Unplug its switch and make its lens ready to go through the cleaning process. Avoid cleaning the lens if the projector is still hot. Let it cool, and then proceed to the next step. In addition, a hot lens is more vulnerable to break, and a cool lens remains less likely to get damaged or prone to breakage.

Step 2

Before opening the projector, it is recommended to go through the manual and see how the process goes about. You might have spotted that almost all projectors come with a button for opening. Press the button and open the projector housing.

Step 3

Clean the projector and also the lens with the help of compressed air. Most importantly, you need to make short bursts instead of prolonged and harsher ones.

Hold the compressed air can by maintaining a distance of 3 to 4 inches away from your projector. In addition, move the nozzle on the dirty sections first of all. Move the nozzle over there wherever you are, spotting a speck of dust and dirt. Blow the compressed air around the fan too!

Step 4

Move the compressed air nozzle so that it does not bring the dust back inside the projector. Once you have finished eliminating the dust and dirt, wipe away the remaining dirt particles using a soft microfiber cloth.

Step 5

After cleaning the interior, the next task is to clean the exterior side of your projector thoroughly. Get a moistened cloth and remove any stains from the case. Do not forget that you also have to clean the fan vent.

Step 6

When you are done cleaning the interior and exterior, please take off the lens cap and wipe it off using a lens cleaner. A few of the drops are enough. Rub the solution in a circular motion and avoid scrubbing the lens harshly. Air-dry the lens and put back the cap on it.

Step 7

That is all! You can assemble your projector now. Join the internal and external housing and snap the button again

More tips on cleaning a projector

  • You can prevent having a dusty projector lens if you clean it regularly. Whenever you notice that blurry and distorted images are produced, it means the lens needs an instant clean-up job. Get a good-quality cleaner that is specifically meant to clean projector lenses.
  • Keep the projector fan thoroughly and extensively dirt-free. If the fan is not well-maintained, your projector will get heated up instantly, and there is a chance that it will stop running. The primary purpose of a fan is to eliminate the heat generally produced by a lamp. The fan sucks in all air, dirt, and dust, so cleaning it regularly remains a must for you.
  • Check the condition of the vent every single day. The minute you see that dust particles are accumulated, vacuum that section right away.
  • You can also utilize an air-purifier to eliminate dust in your projector. Position the air-purifier closely to the projector and make it turned on. It works like magic, and an in-depth cleaning job will be given to your projector in less time.
  • While the projector is not in use, cover the lens. Both its outside and inside parts should be covered entirely. There is a chance that dust surrounds them if you do not cover them.

Some other hacks on maintaining a projector’s lens condition

  • It remains mandatory for you to clean and wash the lens of a projector regularly. Whenever stains or smudges appear, wash them.
  • Use a lens cleaning paper for gently and smoothly wiping the lens.
  • You can also use a lint-free cloth to remove stubborn stains and marks from the lens.
  • Moisten the lint-free cloth with a high-quality cleaner and then gently rub it on the lens.
  • Avoid spraying liquid or cleaner directly on the lens.
  • Avoid using alcohol for cleaning the lens. This will deteriorate its quality, and undesirable results will undoubtedly come out.
  • In addition, wash the projector screen every 3 months.
  • Once a year, a more profound and thorough cleaning is needed to wash every single component of a projector.

Before buying a new projector, because it is not producing clear images, you must inspect on your own whether its lens and fan are cleaned or not. A quick clean-up enhances the lifespan of projectors, and that is a fact!


We hope that you have understood the guide on cleaning the projector lens. The process looks simpler and no longer complicated. A gentle and not so harsh cleaning routine is practiced. You only need a lint-free cloth, a good-quality cleaner and that is all. Make sure to clean both interior and exterior of your projector.

Moreover, clean the vent, vacuum the fan, and spot-clean the lens. Stay tuned to know more about other quick, easy-to-follow, and efficient lens cleaning processes. Clean this device periodically and properly, and nothing less than that! We hope that if you follow all of the tips mentioned above, your projector will always generate crisp, clear, and fade-free images.