How to Connect Phone to Projector -A complete Guide

Have you ever witnessed a problematic situation when connecting your phone to the projector? If yes, do not worry at all! Below we have highlighted lots of methods that will guide you the right way of connecting a phone to a projector. You can either execute a wired or wireless method; the choice is up to you.

Indeed, watching your favorite movie or shows on a small screen seems not so enjoyable and entertaining. That is why people love watching cricket matches, shows, or movies on big screens. In this case, you must connect your phone to the projector. So, how is it done? Please go through the details. You can follow the exact method to connect your phone to the TV.

Connecting your phone to a projector wirelessly

You can utilize Google Chromecast to establish an instant connection between your Android phone and projector. This one is a wireless method that we have shared with you. If you wish to execute this respective process, make sure that your projector supports and fully backs HDMI connections.

  1. Plug your Chromecast properly into the HDMI port. This will help you stream your favorite shows and movies on your Android phone.
  2. Your Chromecast will, later on, show the contents and images through the projector once the connection is launched correctly.
  3. Deactivate the power-save mode on your phone so that the quality of the stream does not get affected.
  4. You can download the Google Home app from the Google play store.
  5. Once you are done with downloading, access the “Home” app and click on the Accounts tab that is located in the bottom-right corner.
  6. Click “Mirror Device.”
  7. Afterward, hit on “Cast Screen/Audio” and pick up the Chromecast so that it gets connected with your phone and projector.
  8. The minute connection is launched, your phone screen streams on the projector.

Connecting your phone to a projector by launching a wired connection

Now, let us talk about wired connections. Almost all phones are accompanied by either a micro-USB port or USB-C port. Get a suitable HDMI cable, and you can immediately connect your Android phone to the projector.

  • If any of you want to connect from USB-C to HDMI Cable, it is a must for you to get the phone included in the USB-C device category. In addition, get an HDMI-capable projector. Simply plug them both and enjoy having a movie time on a big screen. Moreover, set the projector at the correct HDMI input. The only drawback of pursuing this method is that it exhibits limited power.
  • You can also connect your phone to a projector via Mobile High-Definition Link. That is also labeled as MHL. Here you will be using specially-designed HDMI cables packed with a micro-USB port. Furthermore, this method allows smooth and distorted-free digital audio and video streaming time.

Other wireless ways for connecting the phone to a projector

Below you can see other wireless ways for building an instant connection between phone and projector:

Utilize Wi-Fi direct and Miracast

A few of the wireless standard options include using Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast. These options help you launch smooth connections from any phone to a projector. If your phone and projector support these formats, you can utilize Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast options. So, please go through their manual and see whether they support these settings or not.

It is recommended to search for “Screen Mirroring” or “Device Mirroring” on your projector. Some projectors show this setting with another name. These settings tell us that your projector can connect to a phone and smoothly stream its content on the big screen.

Some like using the Wi-Fi direct method for connecting their phones to projectors. In this case, your projector should fully back the settings of Wi-Fi Direct. Access the Android “Settings” menu and tap “Connections.” And finally, click on the tab “Wi-Fi” for accessing the Wi-Fi menu. Your phone will get scanned automatically; search for the projector device for establishing the connection.

How to connect a Samsung phone to a projector?

Few Samsung phones show the smart view settings. Access those settings and make your phone gets connected to the projector. This method is also the wireless one! Simply tap “Smart View,” which is present in the quick actions list.

In doing so, your phone scans all nearby devices. Locate your projector device, click on it and establish the connection right away. That is all! You can now stream your favorite content on big screens for endless hours.

Reasons that the connection does not get established!

Many reasons can be there that fail to establish the connection between your phone and projector. If you spot the ”No signal message”, it means you have not connected and wired both of the devices correctly. In addition, check whether the cables are correctly plugged in or not.

Repeatedly check and inspect whether the adapters are in working condition. Failed connections mean you have used a defective cable or adapter. Or the input mode selection from the projector side seems to be incorrect.

If your projector fails to display despite you have established the connection correctly, there can be other reasons and causes as well. Check the cable connections and audio and video source ports. Moreover, check the display settings and ensure that the display mode is turned on. Still, if your projector fails to respond, there is a chance that its control panel buttons are locked.


What else do you want to know about the guide on connecting your phone to a projector! Both of the wired and wireless methods are quick to follow. For your upcoming movie time, plan it on a big screen. Stream it on your phone and get the display on the projector screen.

There is more to come from our experts’ side, so stay tuned. And forward to us your stories of how you connect your phones to projectors.