How You Can Sound From Projector to Speakers | A Simple Guide 

Projectors are one of the most important pieces of equipment of a business company or educational institution. They help to represent the pictorial explanation of the facts related to the project. People feel more engaged with the content when they not only see the graphics but can also listen to the related facts and figures. It improves the level of communication and interaction between the presenter and the audience. 

But the major problem lies in the speakers because mostly the projectors have weak speakers, and you have to connect external speakers to overcome this difficulty. So if you are also facing this trouble, then it might be a configuration issue or some problem with the cables or audio source or software issues. Whatever the problem your project is going through, here is a simple step-wise guide that will illustrate all the information about how to get sound from projector to speakers!

How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers – A Stepwise Guide 

If you are having trouble with the speakers, then you can never achieve your goal to engage the audience for this, you must know the process of how you can get the sound for this you are not supposed to hire a technical person because this simple step-wise process will elaborate all the details very clearly. 

Let’s move ahead without further ado!

Step 1: 

Turn Off the Speaker and the Projector 

When plugging the cables and the connections, the speakers produce very annoying and unbearable noise. If you are not turning the speakers and the projector off, there are 100% chances that you will damage the equipment because the current always passes when the switch is on. So whenever you decide to set up the projector, it is mandatory to turn off the speakers and the projector. 

Step 2: 

Gather the Set-Up Components 

Most people connect the projector directly with the speakers, and in the other case, they use some external audio channels that help generate the sound. So whatever the connection you are using, you have to be very sure that you have all the related cables and components required in the set-up process to avoid possible frustrations. 

Step 3:

Notice the Audio Out Jack’s Location on the Projector 

The projector has some connection ports like the signal input and power, and you have to make sure that all the ports are in an accessible position. The audio jack port on the projector is another vital connection port that is required to make a connection with the speakers and is usually in the same place as the other connection ports. Still, it may be different in the different models; that is why location its position are crucial, especially if you have to mount the projector on the ceiling. 

Step 4: 

Connect the Cable with Receiver or the Projector 

Plugging in the cables in the projector becomes more manageable if you use a ceiling-mounted projector; otherwise, putting the projector back into its place would be difficult after plugging the cables in, especially if the cable length is not enough. So if you realize it in the beginning, then do not try the plugin.

Step 5: 

Turn On the Equipment to Test the Audio Signals 

Everything is ready to take the sound out from the projector through the speakers if you feel satisfied with the connections. If there are no extra cables, turn the projector on, but if the cables trip over, you will have to face the harmful consequences. 

All set!

Other Ways to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers 

If you are using a projector and are not getting the sound from the speakers, you always look for some ways and means to get sound but sometimes the way you know will not work for this you must know some alternative ways that can help you fix the problem. 

Let’s have a look at them!

1.      Check the Projector’s Volume 

If the speaker is muted or at a low sound, you will surely not hear the sound. So to get the sound, increase the sound of the projector.

2.      Check the Receiver’s Volume 

The receiver can be a speaker, home theatre, soundbar, or amplifier. Whatever the receiver you are using, you should increase the speakers’ volume to get the sound from the projector. 

3.      Check the Connection 

Plugging out and plugging the cables in would be a better way to get sound because sometimes the cable is loose, and that is why unable to generate the sound.

1.      Try New Cables 

If any of the cables you are using or connected with your speakers or projector are damaged, you can never get the sound for this you can try some new connections and cables. 

2.      Check the Input Settings 

If you are using multiple audio inputs or sources, it might be possible that the problem lies with a single input, so check the input setting and switch the connection to a different input. 

3.      Check the Output Source Settings 

If the projector has a source button, then to check the settings try pressing it until you get the sound. 

4.      Check the Input Audio Device

If you have connected some external audio device with the projector like a laptop to present a video, then make sure that the sound of that device is not muted or low; otherwise, you will not get the sound of that video from the projector. 

5.     Check for Wireless Interference 

Remove all the potential sources if the projector is connected with some wireless device like WiFi or Bluetooth, and to get the clearer sound keep moving the projector and speakers to the device. It will indeed work. 

Wrap Up 

Due to the massive interference and variations in the audio and video sources, the projectors can not usually configure the sound properly both through direct and indirect connections. For this, you must know the possible ways and techniques to set up the problem, and that is how to get sound from the projector to the speakers. Hopefully, this simple guide has pinpointed all the ways that could prevent you from this issue and the hurdle to the sound from the speakers!