How to Mount a Projector Screen from Ceiling – All You Must Know About

Projectors are very sensitive, and when you purchase a projector, you should consider many important factors in your mind that can help you when you watch TV serials and play games connected with Xbox. And the most significant among all the questions related to the projector and its screen is how to hang a projector screen from the ceiling

The projector displays a brighter and clearer picture. If you want to enjoy the real fun, then mounting the projector screen with the ceiling is crucial; otherwise, you may damage the screen and not be able to spend quality time with family and friends. Now, most of you are thinking about hanging the projector screen with the ceiling and are worried about who can help you in this process? But surprisingly, you can mount the screen on your own. 

Let’s move ahead to know how you can do this with convenience!

A Stepwise Guide to Hang Projector Screen with Ceiling

A ceiling mount projector is one of the best ideal mounting options that you can add to your home theatre. And hanging a large screen with your ceiling is the most accessible and most convenient task as it also saves the place in your room but installing the projector screen is a little bit tricky. 

So if you are also interested in making your cinema at home, do follow the steps elaborated below that will give a simple guide about how to hang projector screen from the ceiling

Let’s move ahead without further ado!

Step 1:

Determine the Location for Hanging the Projector Screen

A projector screen or the cinema screen is permanently mounted in the dark. The room lights become switched off to enjoy the best quality image, so the first and foremost step to hang the projector screen is to locate the appropriate position. Choose the spot where you can see the clear view of the screen and avoid mounting the screen near the window as it spoils the quality of the picture displayed on the screen.

Furthermore, besides avoiding the light sources, you should always ensure that the screen is not mounted on the hallways, passages, or near the door because it will create annoying shadows every time the person crosses the spot. So always prefer the dark places to mount the projector screen.

Step 2:

Prepare the Ceiling to Set the Screen

Once you choose the spot for mounting the screen, you should prepare the ceiling for the setup. For this, measure the size of the wall or ceiling where you wish to hang the screen and then measure the length of the screen if they both match with each other then congratulations to you because you can move ahead towards the next step, and if they do not then try some other place. 

In the first case, you should have to install the screen; this will need cardboard to drill the holes in the ceiling, or if you have an artificial ceiling, then a template will also work.

Step 3:

Install the Mandatory Attachments

Now you have to install the necessary attachments that will help you to hang the projector screen with the ceiling; for this, you have to install the hooks or the screws, and if the screws do not get fixed, then try a strong wire to make it attached with the ceiling that will ultimately secure the screen. Furthermore, you can also use the eyelets or the toggle bolts for this step secured by the screwdriver.

Step 4:

Prepare the Screen

Now, you have to prepare the projector screen to be ready to hang with the ceiling; for this, you have to unwind the bracket, remove the clasp, and make the screen brackets also ready.

Step 5:

Hang the Screen

With the help of the pre-drilled bolts or the eyelets, install the screen with the ceiling; you have to elevate the screen and then attach it with the hooks.

Step 6:

Test the Installation

Before testing the screen, you have to make sure that there are no wrinkles on the screen, and it must be crease-free and flat so that it can not spoil the fun. To ensure the smoother surface of the screen, you can add a counterweight on both lower corners of the screen and then stretch the screen with the help of the thread, which is attached at one lower corner of the screen.

Switch the projector on and make sure that you are getting an excellent quality image on the screen, and if you find any inaccuracy, then spot the mistake, or you can change the projector’s position.

Once you successfully install the screen with the ceiling, then you can enjoy a lot of movies, live matches, and favorite serials at your home.

Which Tools and Materials are Required to Install a Screen with the Ceiling?

Now explore what tools and materials are required to hang the projector screen with the ceiling because it will ultimately help you to simplify the whole mounting process. 

Let’s have a look!

Raw Material

The raw materials required for hanging the screen include:

  1. Snap links
  2. Cardboard
  3. Hook snaps
  4. Metal hanger
  5. Ceiling screen


The major and the most necessary tools without which the whole procedure can not be done include:

  • Marker to mark for getting the accurate measurements
  • Measuring tape to measure the length of both celling and the screen
  • Midsize ladder to elevate and hang the screen
  • Driller to make holes in the ceiling to add hooks
  • Screwdriver to secure the hooks or bolts


The projector screen mounting with the ceiling is an easy yet tricky procedure that needs some strategy. To make it even more convenient, you can follow all the upper illustrated steps that are very beautiful, explaining the ins and outs related to this procedure. So what are you waiting for? Make your home theatre now and enjoy unlimited streaming and gaming on a big screen!