How to Hook Up Nintendo Switch to Projector

Do you want to know how to connect a Nintendo switch to a projector? Let us check out the guide. Nintendo Switch is the official part of the 8th Generation of gaming consoles. Gamers hook it up with their projectors and oomph their playing time crazily. The process is the same; likewise, you connect a Nintendo switch to a PC monitor or HDTV.

You only need an HDMI port for establishing this connection. No doubt, Nintendo is believed to be a versatile and epic gaming device. And it can certainly give you an unforgettable experience if you play games on big screens, which generally includes a projector.

Guide to connect a Nintendo switch to a projector

To establish the connection, your projector must have an HDMI port and a cable. That is all, and you can smoothly connect the device with the switch dock. Here the Nintendo switch is utilized as a mobile gaming console. Take it off from the dock and only utilize its built-in screen and battery. For charging it again, set the switch back into the dock. Below you can see further and in-depth details:

Step 1

The process starts with the switch dock! Open up the back cover section of the dock. Get the USB plug and connect it with the Switch’s AC adapter. Later on, attach the AC adapter to the outlet so that the Nintendo Switch can be turned on.

In addition, join one end of the HDMI cable to the bottom terminal section of the dock, and it is labeled as “HDMI OUT .”Keep in mind that if you have a projector mounted on a ceiling, you will definitely need a longer HDMI cable.

Step 2

Join the joy-con controllers properly and error-freely to the Nintendo Switch console. If you will skip this step, there is a likelihood that the gaming console will fail to identify and detect the controllers.

After that, you have to connect them to the joy-con grip. Fully charge the joy-con controllers before making a connection so that you observe a seamless and smooth gaming experience.

Step 3

Here, you need to connect that Nintendo Switch console thoroughly into the Dock to display the desired content or image on the projector.

Most importantly, position the console so that the USB-C port lines synchronize and go in a parallel direction with the USB-C connector located in the dock. The minute connection is established between the dock and console; you will see that the console screen turns off automatically.

Step 4

Moving to one of the last steps! Here you have to link the dock device to the projector. Connect one end of the HDMI cable into your projector’s HDMI port for creating a proper link and connection. If your projector lacks an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI adapter to launch a connection.

Step 5

Now, you can turn on both devices, which are your projector and Nintendo switch. See whether you have successfully launched the connection or not. Pick up the desired HDMI source and enjoy having gaming time on the projector.

In addition, press the input source button on the projector, or use the remote control when selecting the input source. Hence, you are done, and a connection is established. You can now view the gaming contents and related images and clips on your projector screen.

Guide to connect a Nintendo switch to a projector if the dock has been misplaced

If your dock has been damaged or misplaced, launching a connection between a Nintendo switch and projector is achievable. You can either get a new dock or purchase an aftermarket dock.

Many people often misplace or damage their docks because it is such lightweight and delicate device. So, how to connect the Nintendo switch with the projector if you do not have a dock? Here you can go through this guide:

  1. Get an HDMI adapter switch because it will help you connect and link the Nintendo switch to your desired projector.
  2. Fully charge the Nintendo Switch Console and pair the joy-con controllers to it.
  3. Get the USB-C cable and connect it with the Switch HDMI adapter and the USB-C port of the Nintendo Switch console.
  4. Now, get a USB-C wall adapter and make it linked with the USB-C charging port of the adapter.
  5. Get hold of the HDMI cable and insert one end into the Switch HDMI adapter and the second end into the projector.
  6. The last step is to choose the HDMI source and verify whether the connection is launched or needs further processing!
  7. The best part is that you can utilize the Switch HDMI adapter for connecting your laptops, pads, mobile, and tablets to your projector.

The time has come to take your gaming phase to a much more entertaining zone. Imagine how cool and great the environment is when you play your favorite game on a big screen! Fulfill this dream by investing in a Nintendo switch and good-quality projector, and let us know your experience.


No doubt, Nintendo and its Switch gaming console brought a revolution in the gaming industry. If you have already experienced playing games on TV sets, LCDs, and LEDs, try playing games on projectors now. We guarantee you that playing a video game’s charm and overall vibe will become double and supremely unforgettable.

Thus, two minutes are needed, and you can instantly launch a connection between the Nintendo switch and projector. If you can think of more ways to hook up both of these devices, feel free to share with us. As mentioned earlier, we have shared the guide with and without using a dock; you can follow any of these methods. For any issues, you can forward your queries anytime and we will guide you a bit more. Stay tuned.