How To Make A Homemade Projector With A Glass Cup:Find Out

In this article, we will be building a homemade projector out of a clear acrylic glass cup using the same technique as the one featured in the popular DIY Projector.

You may definitely come here to know how to make a homemade projector with a glass cup so I have prepared a very easy method for a homemade projector.

You can get a cheap projector online. However, those projectors are not of the best quality. We will show you how to build a homemade projector using a glass cup with some other components.

The method used for this project is very easy and any person can perform it in order to how to make a homemade projector with a glass cup.

A complete Guide How To Make a Homemade Projector with a Glass Cup:

This is one of the easiest DIY projects you will ever make. In this article, I show you step-by-step how to build a projector using a glass cup, tape, and other materials available at home.

This project is easy, inexpensive, and fun, and all home materials will be used.

Materials you will need :

You will need to buy a glass cup from a department store. A magnifying glass is made of glass, so you should buy one that has been made out of glass instead of plastic.

  • A glass cup
  • A magnifying glass
  • Some scissors
  • Tape
  • A white sheet or poster board

Step :1 Cut a Circle:

If you need to make a video projector, you’ll need to cut a circle out of a piece of paper or a white sheet. First, draw a big circle on the paper or white sheet. Draw it well. Then, draw a smaller circle inside the bigger circle. Then, cut the outer circle using the scissors.

How To Make a Projector with a Glass Cup

Step:2 Magnifying Glass:

Make sure the magnifying glass is aligned with the center of the circle.

Step :3 Cut a Small Hole:

You should make a hole in the bottom of the cup using the scissor. This will act as a lens.

Step:4 Adjust the Screen:

Put the screen on the table, and place the glass cup on top of it. Then, hold the magnifying glass over the screen, and look at the information written on the paper. If you are doing it right, the screen will show you the information on the paper. Now, turn the magnifying glass upside down, so in a way, a quality image is projected.

Step: 5 Paint Inside:

To make a color image look brighter, it is important to paint the inside of the glass. The best way to do this is to cover the inside of the cup with dark material. Once you have done this, you will be able to get the image you want.

Now you can enjoy watching movies and presentations.

How To Improve the Image Quality of Projector:

Here are some tips to improve the image quality of your projector

  • The image of your projector will be brighter and clearer if you buy a white screen.
  • When you are setting up your projector, make sure that the surface on that you place your screen is clean.
  • Dirt and dust can affect the quality of the image. You should clean it regularly.
  • Use a mirror on your screen to bounce the light back into the lens. A mirror will help you to brighten up the image.
  • It is better to use a piece of cardboard instead of a mirror if you are using a simple projector.
  • If you are using a projection system, you will need to place your projector at the correct distance away from your screen. You can adjust the distance by placing something flat on the floor. You can also measure the distance by using a measuring tape.
  • A good way to prevent your projector from getting dirty is to put a piece of paper over it.
  • You should use a fan to cool the lens.

Disadvantages of Homemade Projector:

  • One of the disadvantages of making your own projector is that it is very difficult to make one that is bright enough to project a picture on a wall.
  • It takes a lot of light to make a good picture, and this means that you will need to use a large amount of electricity to make it happen. And, if you have a big house, you may need to install a lot of lighting fixtures to make this happen.
  • If you make your own projector, you can only use it for one thing. You can’t use it to project on a wall and you can’t use it to project on a screen. You also can’t use it to project on a screen in a different room.

Advantages of Homemade  Projector:

There are several advantages of making your own projector.

  • You will have full control over the design and quality of the projectors.
  • You can create your own unique design.
  • You can choose the best materials for the projectors. And you can be sure that your projectors are completely safe.


What kind of materials do I need to make this project?

You will need a clear acrylic glass cup, a small LED light, a battery, a piece of wire, a switch, and a power source.

How To Make A Homemade Projector With A Mirror?

Step 1: Place the screen on top of the mirror. Step 2: Make sure the screen is firmly attached to the wall. Step 3: Place the projector in the center of the screen, and make sure it is securely attached. Step 4: Turn on the projector. Step 5: Adjust the focus.

Where can I buy the materials? 

You can find all of the materials at your local hardware store.

Do I need any special skills to make this?

No, you don’t need any special skills.

 What is a clear acrylic glass cup?

A clear acrylic glass cup is a clear plastic cup with a light in it.

How do you make a homemade magnifying glass projector?

There are many ways that you can use to create a homemade magnifying glass projector. One of the easiest ways to create a homemade magnifying glass projector is to make a shoebox. The shoe box needs to be dark.


In conclusion, the image that the glass cup projects is the same as the one that comes out of the projector. If you want to how to make a homemade projector with a glass cup, you need to know what you are doing. This is the reason why you should be able to build a projector yourself. This will save you a lot of money and time. You will also be able to make it in a different shape or size.