How to Make a Homemade Projector without a Magnifying Glass

Projectors have always been the talk of the town. They are spotted in every home, office, school, and college. Here we will talk about the DIY hack! Yes, we are talking about how to make homemade projectors without a magnifying glass.

The primary purpose of using projectors is to transform the screens look bigger and colossal. They easily get connected with smartphones and other ranges of tablets, pads, and devices. Thus, projectors have become a crucial part of our lives. If you cannot afford them, do not worry; you can make them at home too! The below-mentioned guide will tell you how this process goes.

Items needed to make a homemade projector

You need a shoebox that comes with a cover. Moreover, you need a bulb, bottle top, phone, pen, phone stand, and water.

Complete guide on making homemade projectors

We have mentioned complete details of all steps; you can go through them for your convenience and understanding:

Step 1

Get a bulb; remove its end cover while keeping its glass side. Now, get a box and keep the bulb glass side in it. Start tracing the bulb and note down its correct measurement and shape. Once you have taken the trace, cut the box using a knife or a razor.

Step 2

Position and adjust the bulb in the shoe box. You can even use the card box if you feel like doing so. Most importantly, choose the box chosen that comes with adequate and ample largeness. In this manner, you can conveniently adjust the projection size, shape, and distance. Besides, make certain you position the bulb correctly in the middle and nowhere else. Mark the position with a pencil and proceed to the next step.

Step 3

The marked part is cut by using a razor. Carefully cut that mark so that bulb can get adjusted in it effortlessly. When you have finished cutting, keep the bulb on the desired mark and tape it firmly.

Step 4

Start pouring some water in the bulb until it gets full. Water should only remain poured in the bulb and not in the box. Shut down the top section of the bulb as soon as it gets fully loaded with water. Seal the section with adhesive tape, or you can even use a bottle top.

Step 5

One of the last steps is to make a supporting stand for your phone. Your phone requires a cardboard stand, so how this process goes? Here you can see that!

You have to create an L-shaped fitting to support the wall side of the box. Stick your phone with a cardboard box with the help of masking tape. Keep the stand inside the box and repeatedly check whether you can move the phone forward and backward hassle-freely or not.

Step 6

The final step is covering that box interior. When your phone gets a stand, the last step is to conceal the interior section of the box. That is done by using black paper. We all know that the black color speedily absorbs light. It does not show any reflection.

That is why black paper enhances the viewing experience and gets high image quality. Appropriately cut and shape the black papers to fit nicely in the box. Make assured that they cover all the corners. If you do not have black paper, you can employ black paint suits as an alternative. Just paint that interior appropriately and let it dry.

Congratulations! The process is done!

Yes, you are almost near to success. The only thing to keep in mind is to rotate the video in an upside-down direction projected on the respective wall because the glass gives inverted images. Rotating the video images upside-down will end up giving you the right positioned images on the projector.

This respective step hardly needs any time, and that is all! All phones allow you to rotate the images, so operate this setting by using your phone and enjoying your movie time. If your smartphone does not have the rotating function, you can download any screen rotating app and fulfill your desired purpose.

So, are you excited to make your very own projector? Yes, do give this process a try! No doubt, projectors give us an immersive and fascinating viewing experience. Impressive picture quality is gained, images come out smoothly and crisply. If you love watching TV shows, sporting events, movies, and gaming, it is better to watch them in full HD mode, and projectors can fulfill your dream.

Essential things to keep in mind

While you indulge yourself in the process of making a homemade projector, there are a few rules that you have to remember:

  • Though making DIY projectors is entirely safe and a risk-free process, precautionary measures should still be taken. When using a knife or razor, stop the kids from approaching that site.
  • Pick a large box so that the mobile stand can conveniently move in forward and backward directions
  • Pour the water in the bulb and not inside the box.
  • Choose deep and super matte black papers to produce a clear and crisp image.
  • While painting the interior of the box, keep the bulb covered properly.
  • Keep the brightness settings of your phone maximum so that a pleasant watching experience and stunning picture quality can be acquired.


So, that is how you can make a homemade or smartphone projector without a magnifying glass. Projectors have become extremely popular all over the world. They make our movie time more enjoyable and larger-than-life. Instead of investing in high-end and expensively priced projectors, it is advisable to compose them at home.

Thus, stop using TVs or any smaller screen device and amplify your theatre experience by viewing your favorite movie on a big-sized screen projector. Follow the method as mentioned earlier and share with us whether it worked for you or not. Stay tuned.