How to Reset NEC Projector Lamp without Remote

One always gets excited when he buys a projector, but looking after it and maintaining it is challenging. One of the fundamental duties that one must perform is to reset their projector’s lamp. Here you check out the complete guide on resetting the NEC projector lamp without a remote.

You might have spotted a lamp timer on all projectors. Its primary purpose is to count the time to determine when to replace the bulb. If you do not have a remote control, you can still reset it by following the below-written guide.

Guide to reset NEC projector lamp without using a remote

Resetting the NEC projector lamp regularly remains a must for you. If you fail to reset it, your projector will fail to run and display. In addition, you will get a warning sign if its settings are reset incorrectly. It does not matter whether the lamp is shining bright like a star or diamond; the practice of resetting it is mandatory.

Step 1

Hit on the “MENU” button, and pick” Reset”! This one is the primary menu method that allows you to rest the lamp without needing the help of remote control. If you cannot look for this option, access the advanced menu.

Step 2

Choose the option stating ‘’Lamp Cleaning Time’’. Set the number of hours your desire! Keep on pressing and holding the arrow down buttons until you see the desired hours on the counter

Step 3

You will see that a dialog box appears; finally, click on the OK button.

Remember that it is useless to reset the counter if you have not yet replaced the projector lamp.

That is all! Your projector lamp is completely reset.

Essential things to keep in mind before resetting the NEC projector lamp

  • Before changing or replacing the lamp, reset the lamp timer.
  • Most noteworthy, the lamp timer comes with automatically recorded hours, so resetting it is crucial.
  • Your projector will never and ever turn on if the hours get exceeded.
  • The NEC projector lamps are injected with mercury, which is the risky and most harmful material. So, dispose it off.
  • Your projector lamp will approximately last for 3000 hours if you operate it on the standard mode.
  • Running it on the economy mode will make it last for 4000 hours.
  • The projector lamp quality must remain upgraded. Its presence ensures that a high-quality and crisp image gets displayed on the screen.
  • In addition, a projection lamp is believed to be a complex technical device. It functions under extreme conditions. For example, it can work at high temperatures up to 1000 degrees. These bulbs can tolerate increased pressure too!
  • Your projector automatically counts the lamp hours, and once the hours get exceeded, you get a warning sign that immediate replacement is needed.

More about the NEC projector lamps

Most importantly, projection lamps show different running, operations, and aging principles. Comparing them with incandescent bulbs is useless because projection bulbs work differently. Over time, they lose their brightness.

When their brightness reaches below 50%, replace them as soon as possible. Thus, it is pretty challenging to determine how much their brightness scale has been dropped visually. But the below guide can help you a bit:

The average life span of an NEC projector lamp ranges between 4000 to 15000 hours. The minute the time is over, get a new lamp for your projector as soon as possible. If the bulb is defective, your projector will fail to generate the display. Besides, the red indicator tells us that the lamp has become entirely out of order

Tips on extending the lamp life of your projector

Projector lamps often get damaged and become out of order if exposed to high temperatures. To extend their lifespan, make sure to prevent them from getting overheated.

  • It is always recommended to operate the projector in Eco setting mode.
  • Position and place your projector in a way that it does not get too much exposure to hot air and temperature.
  • Set it up so that it circulates the air hassle-freely and conveniently.
  • Let your projector cool naturally. In addition, prevent overheating as much as you can.
  • Avoid using your projector under settings like high humidity. Please keep it away from the reach of dust and tobacco smoke.
  • Keep the lamp filters cleaned. Replace them regularly.
  • Prevent the projector lamp from getting greasy stains because stains and spots might reduce its lifespan.

Some more tips!

  • Turn off the projector the minute you spot fluctuated power supply or unstable network connection.
  • Operate the projector on the uninterruptible power supply mode, also labeled as the UPS mode.
  • You must avoid switching on or off your projector repeatedly. In doing so, the lamp will fail prematurely.
  • Do not move the projector if you are not using it. Let it cool after you have used it for prolonged hours. It is necessary because hot lamps are more prone to breakage and are comparatively more fragile than cool lamps. In addition, hot lamps are more vulnerable to shock and produce more vibrations.
  • Clean the lamp lens periodically the minute you spot dust or smudges. Use lens-cleaning paper and remove the stains by using a lint-free cloth.


So, if you have got an NEC projector, resetting its lamp is also a must. You can reset it with or without a remote control. The average lifespan of projection lamps is 2000 to 3000 hours, and after that, you must replace them. If the bulb is defective, you will get blurry images.

You can prolong the lifespan of these projector lamps by regularly wiping off the dust from them and keeping them in a dust-free environment. Besides, avoid turning on and off them frequently, check their heat levels, give them ample time to rest and cool down, regularly clean them, run them on the eco-mode and use authentic and high-quality lamps. Stay connected for more updates.