Nebula capsule portable projector- Review 2022

Many people have asked why buy the Nebula capsule portable projector? You can check out the review and then decide whether this mini projector fulfills your entertainment needs or not. It has a capsule kind of design which is a unique selling quality.

The capsule design makes it 100% travel-friendly. It is so sleek, small and compact that you will surely get impressed when you see it for the first time. In addition, it exhibits 100 ANSI Lumens, 360° Speaker, 100 Inch Image projection and 4 Hours of Video Playback time. These days, we are seeing the massive trend of using smart projectors, and the Nebula capsule seems to be the perfect pick in this niche.

Overview of Nebula capsule portable projector

Gone are those days when projectors used to be heavy and massive! The brands have started to make compact and travel-friendly projectors, and among them, we have the Nebula model on the top. It looks highly portable and is available in a can-shaped design. You will probably get high-definition images, and the projection extends up to 100 inches which looks sufficient.

Some people call these capsule-styled projectors micro or pico projectors. Undoubtedly, they look radically compact and smaller. If you are tired of using traditional bulb-based projectors, prefer having the Nebula capsule model. You can carry it literally everywhere you go. Just carry it in one hand of yours! The only negative is that you will see a bit of hassle while aligning and adjusting it.

With such portable mini projectors, you can super-size and diversify your entertainment time. Take it everywhere and enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows. You can even play the content from your HDMI and USB devices because this reviewed projector has two rear ports.

In addition, you are allowed to stream content via Airplay, Miracast, or utilizing the option of Bluetooth. Lastly, if you think it is a bit messy to operate the projector from the remote, you can control it using the Nebula Connect App. Download it from the Google play store and control the settings of this projector from your phone.

Key Specifications

BrandNebulaIdeal forHome entertainment
DesignCapsuleImage projectionUp to 100 inches
Lumens100 ANSI lumensPlayback time4 hours
Speakers360-degree omnidirectional speakersUSPPortable

Features of Nebula capsule portable projector

Many customers have praised the use of this Nebula capsule portable projector. It is promised that you will get remarkable clarity, clean and sharp images and a controlled contrast ratio. Below you can further explore the details of its features:

Impressive Clarity and Contrast

The reviewed capsule-designed projector assures displaying impressive clarity and contrast. Due to the IntelliBright algorithms, you will certainly experience incredible and smooth picture quality with no dimness and distortion. Even more, the clear and sharp picture display is possible because this projector is encased with 100 ANSI lumens. Experts have recommended using such a projector in dim environments.

360° Sound

Yes, you will catch 360 degrees sound from the Nebula capsule projector! Powerful and high-end-looking omnidirectional speakers escort it. These speakers will capture every beat, and a pure cinema vibe gets produced every time you turn it on. Thus, the encased 360° Speakers will ensure that sound is being emitted and delivered everywhere.

Soda-Can Design

The soda-can design makes it the most popular portable projector for sure! In this sleek and compact device, you will be able to unleash and fully explore the world of the environment. Set it up in your backyard, campsite, beach, anywhere; the choice is yours.

Android 7.1 Addition

The inclusion of Android 7.1 definitely makes the Nebula projector power-packed looking one. It is only by Android 7.1 that this simple-looking projector will be transformed and transitioned into a powerhouse. You can stream content smoothly from your favorite apps and even view the content available on Netflix and YouTube.


The playtime offered by the Nebula projector is ample! The brand has guaranteed that the Capsule’s 4-hour video playtime lets you watch the whole film without any inconvenience.


Remarkable Clarity

360° Speaker

Soda pod design


A bit time-consuming to align


How to pack a projector?

You should pack a projector in a firm box. That box should have cushioning around it so that the projector does not get any dents or scratches during travelling. Moreover, mark the box ” handle with care” or ”fragile”. In this way, the luggage team will check and hold the item with care.

Is contrast ratio matter for a projector?

Yes, the contrast ratio matters a lot for projectors. As a general rule, the higher the contrast ratio, the brighter, clear and super detailed image will be projected. The quality of projected numbers, pictures or graphs and text looks no longer gets blurry and distorted. Moreover, the balanced contrast ratio makes it completely possible for the user to view the subtle color shades as well.

Which lens is used in homemade projectors?

A convex lens is used in homemade projectors. Such a lens is generally bigger in the centre. While making a projector on your own, it is recommended to utilize a magnifying glass. Simply remove its holder and use the glass part as a convex lens in your projector.


You can ask if you still have questions about the Nebula capsule portable projector. We suggest you bid goodbye to heavy-sized projectors and prefer having these mini, compact and capsule-sized projectors. This reviewed model assures to project the image up to 100 inches, which looks sufficiently enough and does not make the frame out of focus.

Furthermore, the battery life runs up to 100 hours which is also satisfactory. Nebula makes dedicated projectors and displays clean and sharp images. You can share with us your feedback if you have ever tried out Nebula capsule projectors. Stay tuned!