Pico projector for cookies -Review &Guide 2022

Are you looking for the best projector for cookies? If yes, you can have the Kodak Pico projector. It is a super portable model that shows HD 1080p resolution, 100 inches of display, supports DLP LED modes, and has built-in speakers. You can connect it with the other device via HDMI, USB, or Micro SD. The catchy part is that it is extensively companionable with options like iPhones, iPad, and even Android phones.

You will surely get incredible brightness and 100% clarity no matter whether you set it up at night or in the daytime. We hope that your traveling times will become filled with more entertainment and no boring moments because this tiny projector shall accompany you wherever you go! It displays the most stunning and impressive HD resolution.

In addition, the recently introduced DLP technology is incorporated into it, which makes it compatible with the latest devices. Rest, the projector escorts 3.5mm audio input, extensive connectivity options including HDMI, USB, and microSD, and reproduce 16.7 million colors which look amazing.

Overview of Pico projector

Whenever we hear about the Kodak Pico projector, we always see positive reviews about it. It is such a travel-friendly device that people are crazily demanding it. You catch big entertainment in a small package which is wonderful to see. Moreover, it measures 3″ x 3″ x 0.8″ and effortlessly easily into bags and pockets.

Experiencing the cinematic ambiance has become possible every day because the Pico projector has been launched as an ultimate and versatile multimedia companion. It displays HD videos and excellent quality imaging. Customers have called this mini DLP pocket projector a revolutionary innovation because its design is compact, digital, and integrated with all advanced features.

The minute you turn on this miniature movie player, you will catch blurry-free and clear imaging. The booming 1 W speakers and the capacity to reproduce 16.7 million colors are its other unique qualities. The user sees no hassle while connecting the Kodak Pico projector with a PC, cable box, MAC, or HDMI video player because smooth connectivity and compatibility options are offered.

It has no complicated buttons and is packed with user-friendly menu screens. Note that the package includes one projector, integrated 1 W speaker, and onboard controls. Talking about the technical details, the display reaches 100 inches; 1300:1 is the contrast ratio, and the lumens rating extends from 25 to 60. You receive 640 x 360 resolution, two hours of playback time, and the whole product weighs approximately 150 grams.

Key Specifications

BrandKodakMounting typeTabletop
TypePico projectorBrightness25-60 ANSI lumens
Resolution1080pHardware interfaceHDMI and USB 2.0
DisplayUp to 100 inchesUSP100% color accuracy

Features of Pico projector

The below-mentioned details will tell you exactly what the primary reasons are that the Kodak Pico projector gained cloud nine popularity in less time:

DLP optical engine technology

The reviewed Pico projector is designed according to the DLP optical engine technological standard. It boasts an outstanding amount of clarity, high-definition and maximum LED brightness at its end. Furthermore, the pristine picture quality is guaranteed, which none of the mini projectors have offered. If you want to see this projector perform at its best, it is suggested to set it up in dark or dim-lit rooms.


Technological advancements have made it possible to introduce palm-size, space-friendly projectors which conveniently fit into bags or pockets. And among the topmost palm-sized projector models, we have this Kodak Pico projector. It looks the smallest and lightest. You can even carry it in the back pocket of your jeans.

Contemporary compatibility

This Onboard Media Player looks highly compatible. There is hardly any device that does not get connected or shows compatibility. Moreover, it has these Built-in Speakers and a 3.5mm Input port. The fully Integrated HDMI, USB, and MicroSD connectivity options let you link this projector with phones, tablets, iPhones, and Android sets.

Plug and Play

No complicated settings, menu screen, and buttons are there. The whole interface is user-friendly, and beginners can conveniently operate this Kodak Pico projector for the first time. Connect it with your PC, Mac or Cable Box and enjoy the showtime.

High-grade colors

Lastly, this exclusively designed projector shows high-grade colors. The brand has claimed that this model tends to display and reproduce 16.7 million colors which seems unbelievable. Like-like details and rich images quality make it one of the favorite projectors so far.


Superior LED Brightness

100% Color Accuracy

Smallest and Lightest


The resolution becomes low when connected with the gaming consoles.


What is the benefit of a mini projector?

The primary benefit of mini projectors is that you can take and use them anywhere and wherever you want. They look travel-friendly and get easily fit in bags and pockets. In addition, they have space-friendly designs, and you can set them up anywhere to project movies while traveling.

Is it possible to project onto a black wall?

Yes, it is possible to project onto black walls. However, if you have set up a projector indoors or in a space filled with ambient light, you should use a white screen or white wall for projection.

What color screen is suitable for a projector?

Gray screens seem to be the most suitable pick for projectors. These are high contrast screens, boost contrast, and are ideal for digital projectors. Moreover, they absorb maximum ambient light and project a clear image.


Hence, we have given you an honest review of the Kodak Pico projector for cookies. What are your thoughts on such mini, travel-friendly, and portable projectors? Undoubtedly, they look great and manage to bring a more versatile and dynamic experience to your movie-watching time. The impressive part is that it displays 16.7 Million Colors. Thus, enjoy getting rich images and life-like details from this mini projector. Stay connected.