RCA home theater projector 1080p[Review& Guide 2022]

RCA home theater projectors have always gained immense admiration and popularity. Students, office-going professionals, and homeowners love using them. Here we have its RPJ136 model, which is believed to be one of the best Home Theater Projectors. Moreover, it is 1080p compatible and promises high resolution and brightness without fading and buffering the quality.

RCA has launched many HD and 1080p compatible projectors, and its product lines have impressed us consistently. Furthermore, it has a big lens design, exhibits LCD color calibration, and advanced adjustment technology. The minute you turn it on, complex color detailing will be perfectly projected without distorting the image.

Thus, the sharper picture quality is produced, and outdoor movie watching time will definitely become so much more fun. Because of the wide and big lens, vivid pictures, bright images, and saturated colors are displayed.

Overview of RCA home theater projector       

Here we will briefly overview the respective model of the RCA home theater projector. Watching your favorite shows and movies will no longer be a hassle because the dynamic and easy-to-set-up projector is available. The display extends from 32 to 170 inches, and you will certainly catch up with the immersive and cinematic viewing experience.

There are two HDMI ports for connecting it with the gaming console without any inconvenience. Moreover, customers get 90 days of warranty time, and it has two built-in stereo speakers as well. The lamp life reaches up to 50.000 hours which is so sufficient. Users certainly receive intricate colors, dynamic brightness range, and vibrant picture quality. You can have it in a bright or dark area; the choice is yours because the same visual and audio experiences are offered.

Compared with other home theatre projectors, watching movies, displaying photos and slides, and playing video games seems to work far better. Thus, it is a customized and quality projector that you can have. It upgrades your watching experience, which the old projector models have failed to give.

Key Specifications

BrandRCAHardware interfaceVGA and USB
ModelRCARPJ136WDisplay sizeFrom 32″ to 170.”
Controller typeIos and AndroidCompatibilityExtensive
Resolution1920×1080USPFast smartphone connection

Features of RCA home theater projector

One of the primary reasons audiences have admired this model is that it remains fully HD supported and 1080p compatible. Below you can see more of the details:

HD images

Yes, you will catch up with HD images from the RCA home theater projector. They deliver vibrant, bright, and eye-catchy color schemes that make you feel like you are sitting in a commercial cinema. Every picture in the frame and shot looks dynamic. The quality does not get blurred at all.

As mentioned above, the projection successfully reaches 170 inches, and pixel quality will also not get disturbed. In addition, the 1280*720P resolution and up to the mark lumen image brightness brings three times more clarity to the picture quality, which is also jaw-opening to see.

Improved Color Contrast Ratio

RCA has improved the color contrast ratio this time! It is the most genuine and suitable video projector, which is sheathed with the NTSC color technology and restores the brightness and color content according to the end-user requirements.

Easy Installation

In a few minutes, you can mount the projector and fasten the screen. You need hooks and ropes and also double side tape and bracket, nails for completing the installation process.

Outstanding watching experience

The reviewed model is powered and formally escorted by the mstar advanced color engine. Due to this reason, you will have a superior and outstanding watching experience.

The LED lighting source has been upgraded, and the brightness scale has become 60% improved. In addition, fully supporting the 1080p resolution range makes it the best projector, so time to bid goodbye to ordinary and traditional projectors.

Large screen size

The watching size can be extended and adjusted from 32 to 170 inches. Overall, big screen time is delivered. To make the experience more cinema-looking, it is advisable to keep the projection distance of 6. 5 ft.

Multimedia projector

This one is a true multimedia projector you can have for playing videos, movies, and TV series, sharing photos, or watching football matches. It instantly and spontaneously connects with the phone, PS3, and PS4. Some connect it with the Xbox one to enjoy playing big games. 

Fully equipped with the hardware interfaces

The RCA home theater projector is fully equipped with the maximum number of hardware interfaces. It is companionable with HDMI, VGA, and AV, USB interfaces. You can make it quickly compatible with TV box sets, TV sticks and PCs, laptops, and even all kinds of tablets and USB flash drives.


The best option for watching movies

It is compatible with TV sticks, PCs, and laptops

Easy and fast smartphone connection


It is not much suitable for office use


What kind of projector is suitable for outdoor movies?

The true and dynamic movie watching experience is offered by a kind of projector that shows a minimum of 80 inches of display size and maximum brightness and puts out more than 100 lumens.

Can a projector substitute a TV?

Yes, it is possible that a projector replaces or substitutes a TV. The current projector models have built-in apps which let you use them as a TV the minute you take them out from the box. Or you may require additional hardware so that the projector shows all TV channels and apps.

Can you safely play PS5 on a projector?

Yes, you can safely play PS5 on projectors. Look for the projector, which is gaming compatible and functions in the 4K HDR mode. Moreover, it needs to show outstanding brightness levels, clear sound, and crisp 4K image quality.


We hope you have now cleared up your mind and decided whether this RCA projector will get a spot in your home sweet home or not! No doubt, it is of high-quality build, equipped with HDMI ports for ensuring extensive and multiple connectivity options, and promises an excellent viewing experience. Stay connected!